Difference between Medium Security checkpoint and large

I dont’ understand the difference between the medium security checkpoint and the large security checkpoint. Aside from the graphic question (there is an extra box highlighted), I don’t understand why passengers sometimes pass through the metal detector, and sometimes pass through this highlighted box. Among other things, the description between large and medium is identical…
Can anyone explain to me?

I assume the box you highlighted is a full body scanner:

So the large security checkpoint has a higher throughput than the medium because it has 2 simultaneous means of scanning passengers.

no no, only 1 at time!

From my experience going through a full body scanner takes much more time than going through metal detector. I think at least IRL the dual scanner security checkpoints are there to be more secure than to have a higher throughput.

The security officer that operates personal scanners can invite you to go either through metal detector or through full body scanner. I don’t really know what’s their choice to pick you to go through full body scanner… maybe you are taken there if you look suspicious. :laughing:

So the question is: are they faster? And thus: are they worth it?

Because from my experience having 5 small checkpoints in a line (5 staff and 3x15) is far more efficient than 2 medium (8 staff and 8x16)

The speed also depends on the training skills of your staff. If it is only operated by the “dumbest” employees then it’s worthless.

ceteris paribus

As of now there is a significant speed difference in the three checkpoints. The smaller it is, the longer time it takes to process someone and beside the visual appearance that’s the most significant difference.


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