Diagonal everything!

Diagonal Peices

Diagonal roads, Taxiways, Terminal building options and rotatable objects to a 45° angle.

Diagonalized items adds a extra level of designability by allowing the player to rotate terminal objects by a 45 degree angle, and gives the player additional ability to manipulate taxiways making airports more realistic.


Would be useful but coming in at the dev perspective wouldn’t be easy at all since the coding required would be too much for coding in as for that would probably implemented way into release stages when things are easier to manage

It’s a grid-based game so simply not possible without huge changes to the system

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Even though it’s grid based it’s still possible. Just a matter of Apoasis putting effort into it.

But as it’s mainly a visual thing, there are other features with higher priority of course.

Still I hope too that there will be conditions to make digital parts smoother without “pixeling” sometime later. Either if the engine will do this automatically (e.g. similar to these small tiles added to runway entries/exits) or by having some general usable pre-build elements (e.g. similar to fast runway exit elements themselves)


Or have some tiles that one can place manually and that “round the corners”. Like @Seraphin mentioned with the existing Runway entries / exits.

It would add a heck of a lot of realism to the whole taxiway system as taxiways are almost never in 90° angles.

Necropost a bit, but diagonal taxiways are already possible and the planes taxi on them. The game just doesn’t draw them. The planes taxi on them just fine. Also the idea that you can’t do 45 degree diagonals on a grid system is nonsense. Look at Factorio. There are diagonal rail networks everywhere.

I just saw Diagonal runway pieces on Simtropolis as Simcity 4 mods.

Ahhh I wish same for AirportCEO one day :blush:




Now there is something I haven’t looked at in years! I may go and download it again! Finding all the cool mods may take some time but heck, loved the game! :ok_hand:

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One day we wish to see everything with 45 degrees turn option :blush:


30 months later

Does that mean there is hope?


Fingers “crossed” :wink:

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Yes please!!! :smile: :pleading_face: :+1:

This is something Alexander is currently investigating, i.e. if its feasible. If it’s not then we’ll scrub it, but we’re at least testing it out.


@Alexander has done some really nice work today!

Seems we’ll probably ship this later this week. As for anything else diagonal, that’s not something we currently have planned but taxiways will for sure be! :slight_smile:




Noice!! :nerd_face:

[EDIT] Sorry Olof, I hit the wrong reply button… :roll_eyes:

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Olof please consider to edit high speed runway entrance/exit ramps with taxiway side to be diagonal. That would make diagonal taxiways even more useful :slight_smile:


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