DHC6 via GA mod is broken in-game

Not sure where to post, great mod, but just noticed a “disassembled DHC6” parked at one of my stalls. It was very trippy watching it taxi to the runway in pieces. lol

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Do you use ACEOMM?

I had the same big

Yes, it’s the ACEOMM General Aviation mod.

I did fix this quite a while ago with EG so in the latest builds it should be correct.

Hmm, maybe another file I need? I subscribed to it yesterday.

Did you subscribe on Steam Workshop?

yes I did.

Interesting, I have an intact DHC-6 parked right now and it’s fine. Could’ve sworn the one that was broken was labeled DHC6. Dunno, hoping it shows back up again so i can be sure.

yes I did.

Official support for ACEOMM on Steam Workshop had been terminated and current ones are unofficial copies from various players.

You can use Native edition of ACEOMM

Do I need to unsubscribe from ACEOMM North American Businesses via the workshop as well? Also, where does the native version file go once downloaded?

Use this link to download ACEOMM
After you download, just extract the contents to any folder on your PC.

Follow this video tutorial to get you through the rest. :slight_smile:
EDIT: Remove all ACEOMM steam workshops from the MODDING panel in the game as well.

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