DevLog Christmas Break

Ummm…Guys…???What happened to the This weeks DevLog???.. It’s an event which most of us look up to… @Fredrik @Olof.

It’s just on hold for the week! Compiling a devlog takes about three hours so we decided to put that time with family instead. Make sure to follow us either via Facebook or Twitter where we post direct messages about such updates:

Still working hard everyday on coding though! We’ve made some massive changes and performance gains to the building system as promised, but a lot of backlog work with resetting all objects and such in progress now. Luckily no school or work so we’ve got lots of time to work on ACEO instead! :wink:


Would you be able to make a pinned post or maybe embed a Twitter feed into the forum such that those of us who don’t use Twitter can easily have all the information in one place?

Merry Christmas guys! Enjoy the time off!

I’ll look into it! Might be that Discourse support some kind of automatic Twitter feed to single post in a locked thread, could work. :slight_smile:


Depending on how you’ve built your Forum most software I’ve seen allows you to embed stuff like twitter and youtube videos easily!

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No problem… We know that u were busy managing developing and enjoying… It’s necessary to have a breaks regularly.

Yeah many of us don’t see ur Twitter tweets like me. So we don’t get to know about anything u tweet there. It would be interesting to a thread that automatically posts ur tweets here.

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The question is if all tweets should be posted. Should it only be those regarding devlogs or other tweets as well, for example replies?

What is wrong in all???.. As long it is related to the game or studio…It should be posted.