DevLog 99: Alpha 24.3 Deployed on Experimental, Performance and New Structures

Wow! This is the earliest we’ve been releasing it in… months?

Let the guessing game begin…


Really pleased with you guys releaseing it so early! Thank you :smiley:


Awesome Dev Log. My guess is that thy might be new fuel bowsers?

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I don’t know if they would be customisable but I do think that an update to the jetway is in there. Hopefully the movement will mean they can align more properly with the plane doors :smiley:

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Keep it up! :slight_smile:

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ME first! (from right to left)

5 New fuel depot with 2 loading/unloading line for tankers.
4 New vehicle depot
3 (No idea, there hasn’t been such an object in game. But definitely not jetway thing people said)
2 New weather station? (not sure)
1 New control tower OR external fuel depot

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No jetways yet, but I do want to build those soon as I think we can make some great thing happen there.
Glass Jetways, Jetways with advertisements etc.

but i think we’ll get to Jetways when work happens on the remote stands.
Not sure what the plans are there yet (i.e. separate models or upgradable model etc)



Sounds great, especially if you can just upgrade to a jetway. Or even better perhaps: as a separate object to put down. That way you can make that moddable too :smiley:


First one on the right looks for me like ILS installation …
Round is rather ATC …
Rest in the middle … I have no idea :flight_departure:

Number 3 “could” be the start of an underground walkway for staff :rofl:

As for the size thing, don’t want it smaller, actually I was hoping that we could go bigger :roll_eyes:

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Maybe the one on the right is a vehicle checkpoint or a fuel depot. I’m not sure, but very excited. I love all the packs you already implemented and I’m excited to see anything new :grinning:

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Parking lot for Public Vehicles, ATC, Catering Depot, Aircraft Service Building/Cargo Depot?

Wouldn’t that also require a new vehicles pack? Catering trucks, cargo trucks etc? I mean don’t get me wrong it would be wonderful to see- I honestly hope your right, but I think that they would’ve advertised both together if you were correct like when they did the separate weeks for vehicle/ furniture packs

with advertisements, do they pay to advertise?

i mean, just like you have shops n stuff, would be fun to have contracts for companies to add advertisements on your airport, extra revenue :wink:


I was going to say it looks like a modular jet-bridge system

Is there a bug in the experimental branch? When I start a new game I get no constraction contract … so I cant do anything.

I think it just takes some time. I had the same issue at the beginning because I paused the game all the time.

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I agree… but since everyone was throwing in their guesses, I decided to throw in my list as well…

Let’s see it’s Wednesday now, will the new foundation pack come out next experimental deployment later this week? tonight?! Getting to Excited with new Pack Coming!