DevLog 92: Apoapsis Studios, Content Packs & The Airline Design Contest

Bonsoir my fellow CEOs, get your latest executive briefing here:

The teasing is almost over, the graphics and art updates are closing in! :slight_smile:


I’m so excited for all the new packs! This is gonna be sweeeet! :relaxed:

Nice work guys!


Nice devlog :slight_smile: but I don’t quite get this:

Person Car (normal road car)
Person Bus (normal road bus)
Delivery Truck
Avgas 100 LL Fuel Truck
Jet A1 Fuel Truck
Aviation Fuel Delivery Truck
Small Service Truck without roof
Large Service Truck without roof
Large Service Truck with roof (already implemented)
Baggage Cart (already implemented)

I saw new bagggae cart, thats okay but I haven’t seen “Large Service Truck with roof” in game. I actually haven’t seen any trucks that works on apron side. The only truck I saw was delivery truck which is already on list.

The service truck is the little car in front of the baggage carts :wink:

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These new packs will be great!

Excellent work, you three! :grinning:

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Hey !

Thank you for using my airport as the first image of the DevLog 92 guys!
Keep it up, can’t wait for the next updates! :ok_hand::grinning:


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So ehh… Those content packs… Are they part of the base game? Or are they paid/free DLC?

They’re part of the base game just like all future updates. You’ll never have to open your wallet again.