DevLog 88: Second Release Week

Here we go, a bit of a delay but I think the airline will compensate you if you complain.

(pretty sure that joke has been pulled a few several devlogs ago)



Nice work guys, i knew it will be a success.
And word on when we can start voting for next big feature in the game?

And the DevLog names are becoming much more creative each time as well… :wink:


Yay. Was really waiting for this one :smiley: Thank you :ok_hand:

Nice blog and Good Ideas! :slight_smile:

@Olof Well, since there is 1000000000+ new threads these days, I will just post it here… Some weird stuff I noticed recently on 0.22.2 experimental and 0.22.1:

  1. ATR-72 as jet plane

  2. A guy transporting sprits…

  3. Baggage loaders adding extra baggage.