DevLog 86: Airport CEO

Not many days left now huh? V1, rotate…

Props to myself for that meta title.


Positive rate, gear up!


Nice to see more N.A.S. in the game. I was wondering if it had been gotten rid of

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What is N.A.S.

It was an early airline like CLM, but hadn’t been featured much lately

Oh right, i totally forgot it existed. Didn’t look at the screens tonight. Thanks!

Ladies and gentlemen, we are now second in line to take off, and we would like to remind you that the tray tables must be in the upright position, and all cell phones must be turned off. We do have onboard wifi on this aircraft today, along with an entertainment system onboard. We will be up in the air shortly,( two days and counting). Thank you, and enjoy your flight.


Go on Olof and Fredrick, you can do it! :slight_smile:


ACEO 2017 you are clear for taxi and engine start. Taxi to Runway 29 via taxiway Whiskey Tango.


Yes, airports built by some really talented CEOs! :smiley:

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The screens look amazing guy, and im barely able to hold my nerve as I watch the countdown everyday slowly decreasing. These last couple of weeks have felt like a month! :smile:
Although just looking at the screenshot of the gates lit up has given me a thought, and I know this is no time for further suggestion at this our moment of triumph, but, Wouldnt it be cool if the gates lit were only the ones occupied by planes? I wondered, could a system be put in place where the gate only lights up once you have allocated a plane to it? Once a flight leaves the gate maybe stay lit for say ten seconds then switches off by itself? What do you think guys, good suggestion? :slight_smile:


1000 auto pilot on. :wink:

V1, Rotate, Postive rate,Gear up

Been following this game since devlog 69 I beelive and It has been a great experience and moment. Im so happy of Olof and Fredrik they have done such an amazing job with Airport CEO and I cant wait until Thuersday. I am Swedish and I live in Gothemborg not so far from lund acually. The first airport I will build will be Landvetter international airport(ESGG)

Great work and keep it up and u will make a sucess

Mvh Simon Leitzinger(AviationFan) (Svenska) Bra jobbat!, Så stolt över er bästa spelet ever!!!

@Olof @Fredrik


Unfreeze me on September 28th 18:59 CEST, thanks.


At least in the airport I work at the aprons are lit up via tall floodlights, they never switch off even when the airport closes overnight. I’m not sure if this applies to all airports but I find it a little strange that the stands have a light source from the front of the stand. A minor detail that I’m sure most of us are willing to overlook though. Perhaps it could be that the light fades down a little when the stand is vacant? Just to add to your good idea :slight_smile:

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You said you will not add any more features until release. :angry: No, I’m just kidding. :slight_smile: Will the destroyer stay or will you implement a more realistic way to get rid of dangerous baggage later? Just wondering. And the sceenshots do indeed look gorgeous!


It will stay for now, baggage can also be manually destroyed by ramp agents! :slight_smile: … in the future I think we will implement something more realistic.


Up, up and away!
Just 1 day left without ACEO!

And for @olof and @Fredrik, Thursday is payday!

The game is priced at £15.99, lets call it £16 for these purposes.
10k people have the game on their wishlist, so those plus probably another 50% (5k) people will buy it within the first week.
So that is £16 x 15 000 people =

£240 000

Wow, that’s a lot of money!


I can ben on that this game will surpass 50k-ish sale numbers of SimAirport.

50.000 x 16 = 800.000 £ :open_mouth:


Or maybe even double that of Sim Airport…
£1 600 000?

I think they will be slightly more than happy if they earn millions!