DevLog 80: Steam Direct Update and Complex Terminal Layouts

No time to chit chat. Time for bed, see ya’ll tomorrow!

And head over to the subreddit and submit some nice designs! :smiley:


Best read of the week has arrived. Buckle up!!

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Getting tired of waiting here… Great devlog as usual though! :grinning:

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ok time for a good dev log by 2 Great Devs

Great devlog and awesome progress. Really, this game is going to rock and has one very bright future in it!

I have been lurking on here for a very long time, now anticipating to the release I have subscribed myself to this forum. I am so eagerly awaiting such an realistic simulation of an airport environment. I am also looking forward to get back to the 2D era, and this game does show that 2D ain’t bad at all!

PS: I might have missed it over the years, but has it already been discussed about the squarish corners of roads and taxiways? It won’t be an game changer for me but I think it would look a bit better tho :slight_smile:

I like it! I like the “it’s always fun to drop the news out of the blue” bit… the forum will be getting a lots of traffic over next few days! Auhhhhhhhhhhhh!

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the closer it gets the more stalker I get until I become crazy and chop down the door saying HERES MY MONEYgiphy
Me Jhonny door airport CEO waiting period till release date

  • Adapted generic traffic spawning to the new starter road set-up (no more along the world long road, we’re going full Sim City with a single road from below the map)

Great decision! “Along the world roads” are, IMO, ugly. But i think you should have the ability to either recieve new road links to the “outside” as you expand the map or have it as a research/construction option to get more. Otherwise I assume that they will get really busy when your Airport expand, especially if you have the road split up/merge to/from different terminals, entrances, check points, etc.


Am I the only one that feels like they’re beating around the bush…Not to be rude but first we get told Q1, then it gets delayed because of life and the changing of Steam. Then they tell us all they’re waiting on is the Steam approval. Then we get told it won’t be released till later because of polishing the game but in the upcoming blog we’ll be given a release date. Now not this week but in the upcoming weeks…I haven’t been jerked around this much since I went through Beijing’s Airport. I understand you don’t want to release a half a$$ game but it looks 100 times better then SA and it’s probably a great game. That’s my 2 mins of raging, thanks and keep up the good work.

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I think most of this stems from them saying Q1. However that delay was inevitable given the scope change and thus can hardly be seen as damning. The issue then came with the regular updates but no deadline related announcements, leading to people inferring information such as it getting delayed for changing steam, getting delayed for approval, getting delayed for testing. None of these were delays, you were not promised anything and this more an issue of people having high expectations and trying to infer a release date than it is of you getting “jerked around” by people who are purposefully not saying anything to prevent this exact feeling…


My guess is that they’ll push the release button and then send a twitter cryptic ally. Saying it’s live. That would be much more fun.

I’d wait five minutes from pushing the live button and posting on Twitter. See if anybody notices first.

I just hope that both of them are not trying to be perfectionist. Especially since this is Early access of an indie 2 men team

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I totally agree. The issues with Steam may be delays in the process of sorts, but they are not excuses at all. It is a legitimate part of the process that they have had to contend with and they have been more than gracious with letting us know which part of the process they have been working through.

Even when they haven’t stipulated a release date, they have been perfectly clear that they just want it to pass their internal standards. Yes the community has given them a lot of support for sure, but they don’t owe us a game just because we can’t wait any longer.

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That’s fine if they want to keep postponing the game, just another obstacle after another obstacle. I’m probably just growing inpatient and just want the game to come out like everyone else.

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I realise that, I really want it asap too! I have a 15 hours trans-pacific flight in about a weeks time and I would love to test it while flying.

But the reality is that it’s up to them and they’ve been open with us. So I think we owe it to them to get off their case once in a while because I do think they’re doing the best they can :slight_smile:

•Fixed an issue with pushback initiatied despite occupied taxiway

THIS! This right here is why I love you guys as Devs. This, and all the amazing details you have put into the game to make it realistic!

This is my #1 issue with Sim Airport and why I won’t play it anymore. They haven’t fixed this damn bug since release in March, that’s 6 months.

You awesome Devs won’t release the game unless this is working!

I love it. Thank you. :smiley:

•Solved a super annoying path finding issue that cause persons to roam across the map and venture into areas they were not allowed to

My #2 issue with Sim Airport.

You see, the Devs here are the best. I’d rather they fix all this annoying crap before release! Take your time bros!


Someone did mention the corners actually, so they are aware :slight_smile: but im sure you can imagine this is not the most important thing right now :wink:

Well, if you put it on wishlist, I think you’ll be notified ASAP by Steam.

I love the fact that we can do more complex layouts now :slight_smile:
I hate the fact that this is a ripple effect from another change :slight_smile:
I fear what other changes might be forces upon you now.

On topic, I wonder if now I can make security zones going into per stands. I know some airports do this.

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