DevLog 79: Steam Direct Update and A New Flight Planner

DevLog 79: A Better Reading Experience!

Yeah, turns out reading black on yellow was horrible. Who could of known?


That looks like an awesome change and I like it. I also like that you can only assign aircraft to specific stands that fit the aircraft class, as well as requiring the stand to be connected to security. This seems to set it up nicely for assigning airlines to certain concourses, having separate security areas (i.e. terminals), setting up for international flights, connecting flights as well. Fantastic.

If a player wants to demolish a stand, would it make sense to require the player move all flights off it to another stand? Also, I guess we’d need a point at which it is too late to reassign - either aircraft is on approach, or some other point in time.

Nice to see some lighting and that you actually value the community input enough to add/change things.:+1:

Looks good so far. Lighting effects look good.

August 21 or later is my guess based on the tone at the end of the devlog. I can wait, make it a clean release and Sim Airport can be put down.

Progress is looking good. The new flight planner looks excellent!

Is it possible to build gates that are not connected to security? Would be a bit overkill to require commercial flights on small Cessna aircraft or similar to require full security screening.

Looking forward to the months to come!

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The Black on white isn’t the best colors… maybe yellow top and white? Also, it starts as yellow then takes a couple seconds to change to white. Great devlog as usual!

Looks great can’t wait to get my hands on it and nice choice of color change one more dev log to 80 holy *#%| I can’t believe it

Could 80 be the release devlog?
With the game being released immediately following the devlog?

begins praying to the gaming gods and doing a release ritual till eventually i collapse of tiredness and slowly click buy on steam


Nice stuff, also pumped for next devlog and talk about multi security system and complex terminal

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So. More complex flight scheduling. Lighting. AND multiple security zones? You guys ever sleep?


Good to hear about the progress you have made. Keep up the good work.

Yes! I actually really love the functionality of being able to designate the stand names yourself. It adds a nice personal touch to each person’s airport because everyone will name their concourses slightly differently.

Thank you for being so responsive and involved in the community! I’m sure it’ll pay dividends when the game is released :slight_smile:

Manual assignment of stands. A highly sought after feature implemented. Great work!!
Does raise a few questions though, which I am sure you guys have already tested.
Since now the gates are already assigned when planning the flight, does this automatically imply multiple terminals? Because the passengers have a final destination before they enter the airport.
If multi terminals is supported what would happen if the flight is rescheduled after the passengers are past security, but before the plane lands? Say it is rescheduled to a different terminal such that the only way for passengers is to go out into unsecure area and back into secure area.(since no underground passages, trains, etc)

I know. There is no satisfying the ACEO community. In Hindi, we have an idiom for this which roughly translates to “You offer a finger, and they take your entire arm”.


It sounds like they have answered the multiple terminal question for themselves (/multiple secure zones) but they’re going to talk about it in the next Devlog?

I’m also curious to know what happens if a stand is occupied by a delayed flight. I can’t seem to find them mentioning that in this week’s log.

I would say you get some nice gameplay then. Aircraft backlog on the taxiways…

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True, but that’s not necessarily going to be a tenable solution if it happens everywhere? Though I guess it would force you to reevaluate your scheduling and turnaround procedures.

That said, it would be kind of nice to have the option to direct an aircraft to an empty stand. Though that does cause issues with multiple terminals and some people might find the micromanagement tedious. I’m really not sure on this one haha!

I would love to be able to redirect aircraft to empty stands, but i’m afraid we would make it too much atc simulator :slight_smile:

Yeah you’re right, I would love that ability too, but you’re right about it being too much ATC simulator. That said, there needs to be more of an elegant solution than letting everything bank up on the apron?

Maybe designate a waiting area? When the gate is not free, the aircraft will move there. When it becomes available, fhe aircraft goes to the gate. That would work for most situations