DevLog 61: About the Release Date & Release Date of Next Gameplay Video

Yo, yo, yo! Another week, another devlog. We talk about important stuff, announce important stuff and let you in on what we’ve built this week so far. Check it out!


Great work lads.

No panic with the release. We all appriciate the time and effort that the two of you are putting into this.
It looks great, and you should be proud of all the work done so far. :slight_smile:


Nice work guys. Cant wait to get my hands on the game.


All over-excitedness aside, I’m really proud of you two for all the work you’ve done!! PLEASE remember that your lives DO come first, despite what many people will act. I’m astonished at how much work y’all manage to get done in 6 1/2 days! It’s amazing, to say the least. I can’t wait to see what’s in store, for sure. Whatever happens though, take your time. Even though people are pounding for the release, you two do what you feel is right, and release when you see fit!


I noticed that the bus going through the gate, the bus was literally in the gate, you need to make that spot bigger so the bus front is not on the gate. Also, the bus driving in and the cars driving by seemed a bit laggy. Good to know you will be working on bug fixes the next few weeks. Great dev log! :slight_smile: :heart_eyes: :airplane:

Great work guys! As I’ve said before, I’d prefer a good playable game compared with a load of bugs in the first release. Take your time, I know we’re all excited for the release, but we all know that it will be ready when it’s ready!

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Takes Saturday/Sunday as ‘off-day(s)’

Keep up the good work fuys. And dont let the release of simairport interfere with your work. when You release it will be pre-alpha, so any bugs that remain are far less severely judged than the simairport release :stuck_out_tongue:

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Great :confused:

Now I have to wait patiently until Saturday :smiley:

“Changes in the market??”… are you referring to SimAirport??

It’s looking good guys, although I’m a bit disappointed that I’m going to have to wait to see the video - I’m going to be travelling over the next few days so might not be able to see it until a few days after the release. I’ll send you a copy of my schedule so you can plan future release dates accordingly :wink:

Actually, I think I’ll just have to be antisocial for about an hour when the video comes out because I really cannot wait! I am absolutely supportive of your decision not to make plans for a definite release date until you’re 100% confident that you can achieve it - you don’t owe us anything and missing deadlines will only lead to disappointment. We just want to see a good game, and looking at the videos and devlogs there’s no doubt in my mind that you’re well on the way to delivering.

I wasn’t expecting GA to feature heavily in the early releases, so it’s really great to see that it’s been implemented so quickly. I’m glad the nightstops are featuring, but I’d really like to see some aircraft based at the airport (both GA and commercial) - I think it would be great to see the airport populated overnight.

Fuel capacity for specific aircraft - this is a great example of you guys going above and beyond what any reasonable person would have expected from you in the first release! I’m really impressed.

With a game this size, there are going to be bugs. It’s great to see that you are putting a lot of effort into eliminating them early on, but as I’ve said before the game is obviously going to ship with bugs. Those of us who play these kind of games love nothing more than to push the game to its limit, and with a game like this that positively encourages creativity we will undoubtedly uncover lots of bugs. So I really don’t envy you guys when the game is released and the bug report thread is up and running!

Keep it up guys :smile:


Possibly. I think that it’s been (perhaps paradoxically) a good thing for Airport CEO that SimAirport has released ahead of it. There is the obvious risk that SimAirport has mopped up customers who would only buy one such game, granted. But Fredrik and Olof have been able to see the reaction to that game, see things that have worked and things that haven’t worked. I would be surprised if they haven’t had a look at the competition, and I wouldn’t expect them to comment, but I’m sure they’ve learned from looking at SimAirport and as such Airport CEO will release in a better state.


As long as they don’t feel paralyzed and afraid that happens to them as well :wink:

As much as i want it to [desperately want it to] drop on Steam right now, I’m holding the urge because i want you guys to take all the time in the world to make this game how you intend it to be on release. Just want to shout out to the Devs for taking the time to do this game as i think will be award winning and will have potential for many upcoming patches and DLC’s in the future which is exciting. I have played many games based on building and managing but never a true airport game which i been dreaming about for years. To be fair there is one game i am playing right now which is an airport game but really it is quenching my thirst all for this game [lol] and that game will be out the window once i get my hands on this one cos… Damn son! This looks 100000x more better.


Take your Time.
But 60k eyes see more than 4 :wink:
If you Need help - ask us.
Summer-Time will be Hard for Release!

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You might want to change the expected release date on your Roadmap and Funding page, so that new people don’t get their hopes up just too soon.
Anyways, I respect your decision to improve the game before getting it out there, even though I would probably buy it even if it was a buggy mess, which I’m sure it isn’t even in the current state.
See you guys on saturday I guess.

THX a lot for your work guys. It’s amazing to see how far the progress went. I’m really sure, that all of us, can wait… It’s hard, but we can… For a better user experience , more realistic management and a smooth Simulation.

I appreciate your wonderful and excellent work :grinning:


The new guy here - just wanted again to say great work! I now follow you everywhere and also created a twitter account since I notised this was the first channel I could find new! Cant wait until next video overexcited!

Keep up the great work devs! Looking forward to the game!


Am I the only one that is afraid that the gameplay video tomorrow will be a April fools joke :grey_question: And the fact that they’re Swedish does not help. We can pull off some of the worst jokes ever. And I’m one of them.


That would be worse than their VR prank :stuck_out_tongue: