DevLog 58: We're Addressing The Elephant in The Room

Hello again!

Here’s a quick update…

… now its time for bed. A lot of great progress made recently. You’ll see it soon. Sleep tight!


Awesome! I can’t wait for the vid, but I understand for the wait. I’d prefer the game to be in top shape rather than no so good, for the video

No problem and no worries.:grinning: But I really wanted the video.
And i do agree that the studio is not ready for funding. Get the first release and then things might change.:grinning:
BTW, what are you both pursuing in academics…(if not developer… Which is highly unlikely):wink:

Hey devs, for me it’s okay… I appreciate that you guys goes your way and the game has so much details by now. That costs time… And the day has only 24h :wink:

Keep going … And I can’t, but I will wait :grin:

And the day has only 24h

I didn’t know that. :joy::joy::yum::wink:
Don’t take it seriously.

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To paraphrase a well known Gandalf saying, “An Airport CEO development video is neither late nor early, it arrives precisely when it’s ready”



I don’t think anybody could tell you really wanted the video, you were so quiet about it!


Thanks Devs for the update! Go for it!

i thought a day was 1 hour

Real life gets in the way of my gaming all the time, guys. No worries. Take your time, do it right. We’ll wait and be much happier for it.

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I totally agree, people will be happier for a better, Less “buggy” game. Rather than a game with a ton of bugs

Me? I just want to play the game :wink:

You won’t want to play it with no content and/or game-breaking bugs :stuck_out_tongue:

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