DevLog 54: Crafting an Aircraft & Vehicle Serialization

Aaaaaand the work continues. Progress every day. Moving closer ever so slightly! :slight_smile:


Informative and can’t wait for that video.

Just one question about the vehicles.
When we purchase them do we get to spawn them by ordering through a building let’s say a transport depot or do we select the vehicle and place them on the game ourselves?

Maybe they could drive in from the factory off map, could be fun. Gotta keep a gate to air-side open for them if you want your new vehicles to come in.


Wow… literally WOW the game mechanics now looks complete (atleast from your words).

Have you seen the post in Tiny Suggestions thread where I suggested The Concorde in the first build. Its super famous and superfast and small in terms of size. So will u consider it in the first build?? I feel there will be no objections from the community for the induction of this plane.:wink:

BTW your details on BAe 146 is just amazing. Were you an artist??

Kind of have a small objection to the Concorde… I mean, it wasn’t the best plane in the world… Needed an absolutely huge runway, only flew on very select routes and were really loud and dangerous…
Also there was only 20 or so of them, only 14 of which flew commercially which means they’re so rare and would have to visit our airport so infrequently in order to not become mildly tedious to look at that it’s hardly worth the effort to model them because you’ll never see the hard work for very long or very often…

There are far better aircraft out there that should take priority over the Concorde…


I agree with the above

The artistry points goes to @Fredrik who over the time has developed a really good feel for the style we’re going for! I hope to join him someday but currently he’s in charge of implementing new aircraft… :wink:

As for the Concorde, while its not on the top of the list due to the reasons stated above, both me a @Fredrik do enjoy it enough to make sure that it sometime will make it to the game.

Great news that you’re finally winning the battle against serialisation! Already can’t wait for next weeks :slight_smile: plane is looking good too!

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