DevLog 53: Reparing Surrounding Systems, Performance Improvements & Aircraft Voting

Yo, yo, yo! Hope ya’ll are well and have had the time to rest fully. We don’t rest, instead we code and that means a lot of great progress made this week. Check it out:

Now its time for a quick night nap and then its time for serialization. See you tomorrow! :smiley:

P.S: What do you think about the .gifs?


Felt as though the game is close is heading to its first phase of completion! Very nice! Hoping for a video or better news on the release.

Can’t wait for updates of the voted BaE! Good stuff!

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Great gifs guys! The game is coming along great. I some little suggestions to make things feel even better.

First is to add some easing to the movements of the planes. As it stands, they feel weightless because they stop immediately. Instead, they should very gradually slow down until they are aligned with the jetway.

Second, the lights should not be turned off immediately after the plane stops but after some sort of delay. The pilot aligns the aircraft, stops it and then starts shutting down the engines, turning lights off, etc. All this is not immediate, of course.

Finally, the landing light of the big jets should turn before they start turning. That is, the light should be aligned with the front wheel of the plane. Usually the landing lights are stronger and on the wings, but then there is a taxi light on the front wheel.

Keep up the great work guys!

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I agree with the movements, the aircraft doesn’t seem to move as real life aircraft do. Would there be a fix for this?

Guy’s U R doing a great job. It looks amazing and I like the quality and I’m with you, the GIFs can not shown the real graphics quality… but it’s nice :smile:

Have a great week, with a lot of success :slight_smile:

Gr8 work this week by u guys… Yeah aircraft simulation requires some releastic tweaks.

Added new 737 liveries.??? Cool

And yeah are you keeping the aircraft names same or changing it.
And if u r keeping it same, then is it allowed without aircraft manufacturer’s permission??
I Am Not Related to any Aircraft Manufacturer

Aahhh… Test airport??? I can feel we r going to get a video insight soon.

Thank you! Point one we have a task for, only we did simply not had the time to do it yet. The other points you mentioned are included. Landing lights go on when permission to enter runway has been given. Also there is a small delay for the beacon light when parking, it might not have been that visible in the gif as it interrupts abruptly.


Ahhh, nice new CLM Livery on the B736.

Nice gifs! I feel that the “triangles” that the taxiway lines create at intersections seem a bit small.

Although the aircraft does seem able to do incremental turning as it lines up with the stand, it’s first turn with the stand is really abrupt and also the front wheel of a b736 is slightly further forward than depicted. I was just wondering if your task for smoothing the vehicle handling included these two points? And to draw it to your attention that I believe it should, if not.

From a development perspective, this is details. Important details, yes, details that will be adressed before the release, yes, but since we’re currently on focusing on building the major systems of the game stuff like this has been down prioritized. Don’t worry, it’s easy fixes and fine tuning that’ll be sorted out once the major parts are in place! :slight_smile:

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I personally not really well informed in aircrafts or airports (despice the fact I worked at an airline), but this game looks awesome from the gifs.
First I tought it will have a similar 2D effect like the first GTA games, or PA, but somehow this feels more 3D, but from above. In devlog 52’s first gif I looked only at the arrow in front the warehouse, and damn that looks really cool. The smoke, shadow effects are really nice, and the whole thing looks so smooth.
But there are some I have some questions about the game:

  • Will there be emergency services and buildings for them (like fire station, airport police)
  • Is it possible to build hangars and give them for rent to airlines
  • Will there be helicopters and helipads in future versions?
  • Is your airport only operates for passenger planes or for cargo planes as well?
  • Can you set up rules or policies for your airport (like only propeller planes may land)

Most of these have been answered, simply use the search bar to find them :+1:t3:

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I can’t wait to see the thread for the building of the BAe!! So excited!

Sure I do love the new aircraft that is coming in but I wish that we could have both aircraft, since the Q-400 is still getting new operators and I just love it. But I lost in democracy and I’m perfectly fine with that.

I can’t wait for this game to be released. Keep up the work and I look forward to playing it soon

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Pretty sure you’ll get it eventually, considering how close the vote was between the baby jumbo and the Dash 8. I think it lost more because the ATR72 is already in the game, meanwhile we don’t have a 4-holer in yet.

I can almost guarantee that the Q-400 will be included at some point, so don’t worry! :wink:


Simply amazing!

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