DevLog 49: Flight Planning & Winter Renovations!

Heyooo! Fredrik has returned to the development process and that means some big changes ahead! All good though, don’t worry. Also you might have seen him pop in and give a few answers as well.

We’re steaming ahead.


Looking good. Love the flight planner. Keep up the good work guys!

If you have lots of gates, can you schedule more than one flight at once?

I can’t wait to see much more!! :smiley: I’m so excited, it’s SO unreal!

I think that 24 hours would be a reasonable time period for cut off for scheduling flights (normally). It would be interesting if from time to time a situation occurred requiring for a quick flight to be arranged (asap, under 24hrs). Such as, plane carrying emergency supplies to earthquake zone, diplomatic flight, mayday from flight not scheduled to land etc. There could be positive and negative outcomes dependent on if flight was accommodated into schedule.

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So while I don’t have any real insight in gate scheduling I can use some logical reasoning. Here we go:
A flight cannot be scheduled within the closest three days. The reason is that the airline should have a chance to plan staff and airplane use. Also to have some travelers on the first flight.

Moving on to change of flight schedule. This could be costly for the airport. Because if you change another airport also has to change their schedule. Also the airline will have to change tickets and information therefore depending on your contract with the airline you might have to pay a fine. The airline also has the right to stop the route. On the other hand, I think airlines has half year schedules and therefore every half year the schedule can be changed for free.

Finally, deleting a line. This could be a part of the contract. How early you have to notice the airline before closing a line. The same way around if the airline wants to close the line. If you close the line with shorter notice then you will get a fine.

Well this got longer than I thought. Also I wrote it on my phone so there might be some faults.

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With regard to the unplanned scheduling, this could also be if the weather is just too bad and radar control don’t issue you with enough releases to get all your aircraft off the ground, therefore you might have to reschedule and micromanage the arrivals and departures and cancellations of flight.

For example in bad weather Gatwick EGKK might be limited to 20 aircraft an hour due to poor visibility and this knocks back on the airlines as they’re used to sending out 40 aircraft an hour, this would require major rescheduling.

I’m suggesting that maybe there’s a system in place to deal with this but if you want you can micromanage the individual schedules or at least suggest who gets priority

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It Look great. :slight_smile:

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It looks awesome. But the question I have is that in the game for the new players will there be a tutorial for the game? So the players can get used to the game and will know what everything does and plan a successful airport.

Looking great as usual! One thing I can think of that would improve usability is adding an option that allows one to plant the flight on the same time every day with just one click. As of not it seems we have to put a flight on each day if it is a daily flight?

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It looks like it’s a weekly planner, so this happens every week… At least that’s what I infer…

Seeing your most recent picture on Twitter, what are the grey and white bars for, are those gates??

It depends on how many runways you have and, as you said, how many gates you have. The planner will allow you to plan flights at any minute but if you have three flights planned at 17:15 but only one runway you are looking at a congestion issue.

The seven day format of the schedule is of course created like that since there is seven days in a week (I know this is common sense but I like to be as clear as possible :stuck_out_tongue:) . However, flights might have different characteristics where one of these characteristics is that the flight is daily, weekly, or bi-weekly. If this is the case, there will be some sort of flag on the container showing this. For example, one flight slot container might read CL123 [DAILY] and when you place that container on for example Monday at 13:37, it’ll apply for all days of the week. I’m currently looking into how this system will work, but we don’t want to limit us to only once-a-week flights or, if you’d have a flight that takes place four times a day each day every week, a UI where you’d have to manually place out 28 containers.

It depends on what you mean by a “tutorial”. Will there be a dedicated game mode where you will be guided in playing a certain world for like 45 minutes? Initially no but perhaps later. However, the first version of the game will ship with a lot of comprehensive information on what certain parts do or how they function, either in separate panels where relevant or perhaps as an in-game wiki or handbook (perhaps as a part of the management panel?).

Nope, they are simply rows that’ll allow you to schedule flights without overlapping containers. Imagine if you’d have five flights all arriving 14:51, 14:52, 14:53 and so on… would be a quite congested schedule if there weren’t any rows.

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I get it now. Looks good! Could there also be a weekly list of what comes at what time? So basically, you have a page for each day, then a page that says like

CLM 1:13PM
STR 1:15PM

STR 1:24 PM


Etc etc etc??

Yeah, that’s a bout right! I think it’ll become even clearer in an hour or so… :wink:

Yes I was thinking of a mode that shows the player how to set up a successful airport.

Where’s the fun in that?

Show the player how to place buildings, yeah sure… But not show them how to make it successful? That just takes the fun out of it!

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Just go like “Build this and that because you can do this and that after…” - “Now do that other this and that”… “Well done, your first flight brought money to your airport!” aaand tutorial ends here with just a bit of revenue while of course it had explained that your numbers must be +$ and not -$ at the end of the day… which is common sense. Nothing fancy needed. Keep it simple! :smiley:

True, so what about in the tutorial they just show us how to place the buildings to at least make the airport operational, and then get us out of the tutorial and we the airport ceos have to try to remember a little bit of the tutorial then go from there.

Don’t misunderstand us regarding tutorial, of course there will be a tutorial eventually. However, before the initial release, we might not have the time to make a fancy tutorial but instead provide you with some simple steps to follow.