DevLog 47: Introducing the Weekly Changelog, Conveyor Belt System & Continuing the Turnaround Processes Simulation

Here we go!

Now it’s time for bed. Discuss away!



I can’t wait to see the baggage system from start to finish!

Will those directional arrows have a toggle option? I’d get annoyed after a while, seeing arrows all over the floor, as it would mess with my thought process of paying attention to the passengers.

When I watched one of the Gifs, I was watching a passenger pass by, only for him to cross the line of arrows and it threw me off. XD

Not only that, but is there any thought on my curved pieces option? With much larger luggage, they couldn’t clear 90 degree corners like most bags can… Just a thought. I’m really happy to see more and more updates, and know that the first full front to back play video will be up soon! Can’t wait!

Yup, they will, they are mostly there for building aid and testing purposes right now. Once we’re happy with the conveyor belt building system we’re going to implement animations and moving bands and a toggle feature for the arrows. Most bugs so far with this are in regards to layers not being specified for different placements and such. Super easy fixes once we do our quality checks.

The way luggage handles the corners are not yet finished either and we’ll take a close look at that once the conveyor belt building system is completely finished!

When will that extra Long video release?

You now it looks more like an airport.Also when will the extra long video be put up?

Cooool! :grinning:

The satisfaction in that first word, lol.

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Very very well done! I was just watching this good documentary about Heathrow on the check ins I particularly like the part on the high speed check ins and the technology they use. I think it will be a good consideration once the airport becomes busier. Loads of good stuff in the documentary worth having a look at.

High speed check in: At 41.10 onwards

Thanks, XD

OMG i like tha documentary and its my favourite!!i was looking for intresting airport documentaries but everything its over now i dont need them i will gona play ACEO!!!

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