DevLog 115: Gamescom 2018 Post-mortem & Alpha 28.1-5 Experimental Release

Aaaaaaand it’s time for another one of these, so if you’re in any way interested to see what’s happened lately oyu best check this link out like right about now:

Enjoy! :airplane: :airplane: :airplane:


Thank you!

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Thanks for this devlog guys! Nice to read you had a good and inspiring time at Gamescom and you were able to inspire other devs as well with the way you guys interact with the community. I think you are one of the few that actually interact in that way and that’s one of the reasons I like the game more and want to ‘invest’ in it as well from a test perspective. I think you guys are an example for the gaming industry and a lot of Indie and AAA studio’s can learn from the way you work! :muscle:


Thanks! Really glad to hear you enjoyed Gamescom and that you got a lot out of it! :grinning:
As @Puma says, you guys are very involved with the community, unlike many devs, and I think everyone is really grateful for this, and are drawn to the game more. Keep up the great work!


Keep up the great work!

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