DevLog 108: Finishing the UI Sprint, The ACEO Mod Tool and The ACEO Soundtrack

Good evening airport CEO. Should you really be up at this hour reading the 108th Airport CEO devlog?

Yes. Yes you should.



Are we having any update this week to experimental branch

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If not I guess we have to wait to next week. Less Bugs are better!


I’m sure the Dev’s are doing their upmost to get the next update out. UI/UX work is never easy, says someone who has done UI/UX work. I spent 18 months sorting one project out. Granted it coincided with a change of web technologies that didn’t help and delayed it by at least 14 months. Also the slow, yes we have everything sorted replies from the org when they clearly didn’t was no help either.

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They should try Adobe XD. Go from concept to prototype with Adobe XD, the all-in-one UX/UI solution for designing websites, mobile apps, and more. With the new Starter plan for XD, it’s fast, easy — and free.