DevLog 107: Discord AMA, New UI Progress Update & DevLog Changes

The hustle continues!

Looks like there’s something new featured in this edition… :open_mouth:


I like it! See it your self!

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Great Devlog. And I also support the Bi-Weekly Devlog idea.


Nice, very nice! The new flight process monitor looks super cool! Looks promising for the rest of the UI to come. Thanks for the sneak peak! :+1:

+1 on the bi-weekly

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You guys will have to make a new AD Trialer Video.

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In case you dont follow Airport CEO Twitter, here is a new plane which we are going to in get in the next update, the Bombardier CRJ 200 ! And with it comes the final airline design contest winner Allure.


#Leavejetwaystous (Sponsored by Boeing and Airbus)



I know you are moving to a bi-weeky, (I interpreted that as two issues a week, wrong interpretation, do’h!) I think it would be good to give at least a small update on how things are going with the new UI/workshop integration this coming Monday.

Not the usual extensive commentary, but at least something of an update would give us a glimpse into how things are progressing.

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Maybe a twitter post or a forum post type update?

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I’ll write something short up for you on Tuesday! :slight_smile: