DevLog 100: Celebrating 100 DevLogs, Alpha 25 Deployed and Interview with Mitchell

100!!! :beers: :trophy: :medal_sports: :sunny:

We tried to bring something extra to the table this time around. Hope you enjoy it! :slight_smile:


Oh :smiley:, vending machines!

And check all of these!


Congrats on the 100th Dev Log!!!

The game is great and you should be proud of yourselves!

Only one I can think of… I think we need the game in 3D!!! Those models look fantastic! I’m only joking about the 3D, but it would be and interesting concept for a sequel. Airport 3DEO :grin:

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Beautiful… It is so beautiful I wanna cry :sob:

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The future is bright! :smiley:

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guys really congrats. i am with you since your subreddit has no more than 100 follower. i am not very active on forum page but i always follow the progress of game. every week i waited to read devlog:smiley: wow i just looked up and i think i followed you since devlog 6 or 7 i am not sure :smiley:


Guys, congratulations on making it to 100 dev logs.
It’s been quite a ride, and during that time you managed to build a community of friendly and talented people.

Keep it up, and on to the next 100 :smiley:


OFirst of all much much congratulations for reaching the 100 devlogs… you guys are one of the best devs and have dedicated all their time in developing the game … lesson is hard work pays off and you have done the hard work… as comparing your first devlog and 100 it’s an remarkable achievement…

Well done team airport ceo

I know this could sound emotionally but if others agree I would like to set up
A page where we could help the devs financially as a token of appreciation… sending a bottle of wine will be too much …

Imagine olof and fredrick receiving thousands of wines or more at their addresses lol

This is to show gratitude and show the devs that we are with them along this journey .

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Want to help? Gift the game to your friends :smiley:


Hehehe yeh I did

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I love so much where this game is going

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Congratulations on the 100 devlogs! Here’s hoping for 100 more.

On the DD though, I want to ask whether the Baron’s propeller dimension is accurate. It seems the blades is a bit too … long, compared?

I mean, compared to this :

if you add the ACEO beechcraft on top of it, you barely see any difference :smiley:

The propeller blade seems … longer in ACEO than in that picture. Idk, maybe just my imagination.