Development Trello board sync terminated as of January 6th 2021

Hello everyone!

Due to low utilization by the community, questionable funcationality and increased pricing of the service we’ve been using for over three years now to sync the Jira issues with the development Trello board, will be terminated as of today January 6th 2021.

We know that for those few who actually check the board every now and then this is not a welcome decision but given the above reasons and the fact that development will inevitably dwindle down over time as the game is fully released, it doesn’t make sense to extend the service for another year.

Nothing else will change in regards to how we release the game, just that the Trello board won’t be updating anymore. In fact, it’s often been lagging behind extremely and has often lost sync with created issues which has invoked a lot of manual labour on our part and has made it seem as if things take a lot longer or are out of sync with the patch notes. In the best of worlds we would be able to expose the Kanban board we use within Jira but this is not a setting Atlassian offers.

The in-game links and website links will be removed as of the release of beta 6. Thanks for understanding and as always we’ll be happy to continue the discussion on how to have an as transparent development process as possible.


A sad day for sure, but totally understandable. I would often check it. In fact, it’s a permanent tab in my browser window.


Yeah no I fully agree and will continue to keep my eyes out for any similar sort of service that works equally well, especially if we were to develop the next game under an early access flag. It’s just that this specific solution has definitely ran its course.


That means we will expect more information on bi-weekly devblogs :smiley:


Totally understand this. The Trello Dev Bord was a freat feture during the period of time, when new features were added. But the game is going straight forward and there is no more (major) content to add. So in my opnion I agree that there is no need for a board with the “usual bug fixing stuff”. Of coure this is importend, but nothing to special. I really like your Dev Blog, which sum up the progress in a very clear way. Keep up :smiley:


Well, sad to see it go… But I understand the issues