Hi there,
playing the game almost since the beginning I’m very surprised that communication and speed of developments at least the visible one’s has been slowing down dramatically, which is somewhat surprising for an early access game. Are you still there???

Development is still on and you can follow it via bi-weekly devblogs.


Internally we are currently testing the performance update (allowing you to build bigger airports without your FPS dropping to minus 100 :wink: )

As this is mostly fixes in the background there isn’t too much to talk about.
Once this performance update is ready, I’m sure Olof and Fredrik will be able to explain what is going on and what the next steps are!


Development is very much on yes. Like Jettuh said we are working with a brand new rendering and behavior system for passengers to lay the foundation for large stands and wide-body jets. We also have a lot of new content and items, I counted 12 yet-to-be implemented tickets on our Trello board. We are also working with a new grass and background layer. New aircraft are coming, we are recruiting a developer and doing financial year. So yea there is a lot going on but it is not fun to write about the same things over and over again. Our aim is to get Alpha 29 out on experimental as soon as possible. :slight_smile:


… there will also be another devlog today! :slight_smile:


Thanks for these info’s from Germany…


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