Dev Blog 146: Restaurants and airline lounges

We weren’t kidding when we said “late, late night” but here it finally is:

Read it and enjoy(?)! :shallow_pan_of_food:


Go to bed Olof it suppose to be 5:30 in the morning in Sweden so you need to rest and be energetic for this community, fans and awesome game you and other developers created :smiley:

Meanwhile I read the devblog.

EDIT: An awesome devblog and nice pictures. I seriously think that restaurant CEO is coming as a separate game in next years :smiley:

I got some questions though:

  1. Restaurants will have waiters? Or people just get in, sit and then leave? Will be there food animations such as delivering food from kitchen to customer and delivering empty plates to back to kitchen?

  2. Shouldn’t be there a kitchen sink in kitchen area even though something for eye-candy? @Jettuh

  3. Restaurants can have bathroom in them as how lounges are?

  4. Custom airline lounges can be modded to the game?


The one issue I have with the devblog would be: can we place the airport logo inside the airline lounge so that all premium passengers, regardless of airline, can use the lounge?

I’m thinking of folks like Plaza Premium.


Sounds absolutely amazing! Can’t wait for the release…
One thing that crossed my mind when reading this: Will all airlines be considered as legacy/premium carriers that have business class passengers and require lounges to have a good rating? I would love to have both, budget airlines with economy only pax and low requirements for terminal facilities and premium airlines with business class and lounge requirement etc.


Also wondering if the system will assign business class checkin desk in addition to economy class. Also business boarding first?


Finally we have more usage for all that empty areas. Great stuff.

And I feel related to the 10% non suite wearing business pax.

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so there is separate access settings for business class and ecomeny example fast secuirty check for business class only or separate access routes for business class eg boarding desk or boarding e gates

i suggest automatic gates could used for boarding planes - self boarding gates


Aren’t there already airlines like Trinity or Havanna that especially state low-budget? I would guess, with those you get more ‘normal’ PAX thanfor - lets say: Olympus.

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Would love this to be possible. Airports that aren’t massive (eg HAJ) regularly have a premium lounge that all airlines use rather than each airline having a dedicated lounge.


What happen to Airline Mods that don’t have set a rating? (btw mine have all)…

And any news about Multiple Livery?

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Awesome dev blog. Can’t wait for the release!

YAY SO COOL! cant wait for it to come out!

I second this. I have a card called “Pr10r1ty P4ss” (all rights reserved :wink:) and I have access to their lounges, not to a specific airline lounge. Same with other cards. As a matter of fact, I think I have seen more “private” lounges than airline lounges in airports. I think we should have both. Maybe the non-airline ones can work like cafes/shops works and generate income to the airport.
I also second everything @EG0611 said about the restaurants and want to add that I would like to see bars in the restaurants. When I say “bar” I refer to the furniture, like a counter, not to the place where you go to have drinks :laughing:

Last but not least, I want to thanks the devs once again for another amazing devblog. Can’t wait for the release of this update * anxiety raises *


I remember my excitement was much higher when multi-floor features were presented in dev blogs, though I may have been mostly observing here and not commenting (I think I was still reading all the Steam notifications back then from hundreds of game hubs which forums I subscribed, but now it’s just a green button with a number that doesn’t interest me much). The multi-floor update release was basically the time when I returned to playing the game.

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Is 3 floor enough for so many things?

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Well you have a basement as well.


More than enough, there are no airports 3+ floors in real life as far as my experience

That was a great Dev blog, thanks again for being so active with the development of the game and keeping it up to date for everyone. Can not wait to try the new features and try and incorporate them in my airport. Fantastic work, love the game!!
Thanks John


Not at this point no, it’s possible but would actually require a lot of work. We might add some form of arbitrary behavior that could simulate something looking like that at a low cost, but a full end-to-end waiter and kitchen food life cycle simulation feels a bit over the top for a game like this considering the work we still have to do.

This is, like everything else we do, the first iteration and we always look at basic functionality first and polish later.

Why not? :slight_smile: I’m sure Alexander would love to implement it.

We thought of this but came to a conclusion that it’s not very realistic. Most airport restaurants we’ve been to, both in the EU and in USA do not have bathrooms as people in most cases are directed to use the public bathrooms available as part of the airport terminal - something I also found to be the case in general as a result of research done for this feature.

Airline lounges are restricted areas which you enter in to and out of which warrants a specific bathroom only to be used for those who have access (it also made sense from a code perspective). Restaurants are not restricted and thus it does not make sense to have a bathroom for each airport restaurant as it would also take up a lot of space, which is why I guess this the case IRL.

Yes, modded airlines can have their own airline lounges and their own airport floor logos. Everything there is generic.

I guess that would be possible yes, but we need to think a little about the game mechanics of having a “catch all” airport lounge first. Will think about it.

Well, no… maybe at a later point if I was to get bored sometime but right now I can’t see spending time on such a small feature as worthwhile… :stuck_out_tongue:


Business Boarding can be dangerous to the gameplay. What if a business pax gets lost, then economy boarding never starts.

Are there any plans to create airline groups somewhen? For check in, gates and for lounges? (Example up to 3 or 5 airlines can use the same gate, check in desk, lounge)