Dev Blog 142: Revealing The R&D Update

But then there won’t be any surprise when you boot it up! :wink: … and personally I think most icons are self-explanatory… :open_mouth:


I have already sent in several bug reports on it about a week ago. I will send in more when I play next though. Thanks for your response.

I have also noticed an issue with aircraft path finding, I wouldn’t say it is unplayable, however it is definitely broken. It appears that the order in which aircraft depart is based on when they leave the gate, not when they reach the runway, so aircraft from distant gates taxi through aircraft from closer gates.

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For me, how my airport is layed out, it can cause a bad deadlock on taxiways. But there are also are issues where the planes just pile on top of each other while holding short of the runway. Another issue is where a plane stops to let another aircraft go by. But then doesn’t fully wait and they go over each other.

I know you haven’t announced changes to the flight planner, but is there any chance you can make the changes needed to enable the manual scheduling that I mentioned in my previous post

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My main requests for the flight planner is ability to limit which airlines it schedules to each gate. Maybe something similar to how we can tell each staff room which class of staff can use it (drop down on the gate which lists all airlines we have a contract with, and ability to choose from the list one or more or all or none). This will do two things - allow me to group one airline to one area of the airport (terminal, concourse, etc), and when i want to make changes to a gate, by deselecting all airlines, the auto-scheduler will not schedule any flights to that gate. Then I can close it and do work on it.


I was very much hoping for the flight planner overhaul. :crying_cat_face:

Yeah, the flight planner needs work. In the current system you either manually put in all the flights which quickly becomes a tedious chore or you use the auto-scheduler which gives you no control over whats happening.

I think the best solution would be to make flights permanent instead of only for a set amount of days. If you wanted to renovate part of the airport you could move the flights to other gates. Not only would this fix the problems with the current system it would also add some depth to the game by allowing players to schedule things more strategically without their work being washed away every 7 days.


The other solution is to be able to set the schedule as time slots (eg Stand A1 has flights at 1, 5, 9, etc) then simply let the autoscheduler populate those slots.


As always, a great devblog guys! :heart_eyes_cat: Really looking forward to all the new features and to see how it all comes together now the ratings are actually part of the game and influencing the gameplay and progress! The R&D projects system looks very interesting, can’t wait to get my hands on it and start to work through the different phases.

Wish you guys a very nice holiday with family and friends, enjoy Christmas :christmas_tree: and New Year :boom: :champagne: in your beautiful country! Unfortunately I’ll not be in Sweden this year for the holidays :crying_cat_face: But will have a lot of good memories to go back to and I hope you make good memories for this holiday as well! Refuel the batteries to come back with new energie and ideas for the final run towards Beta and the first release :partying_face:


I love the game but will admit that if you want any kind of organization it does start to feel like ‘Flight Scheduler CEO’

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That’s a bit harsh! But yes the flight scheduler needs some work and I believe the Devs have acknowledged that in the past

I am very pleased with the long awaited dev blog :wink:. I believe alpha 34 will be the best way to conclude 2019 for ACEO, with great achievements and advancements. :sunglasses::relieved:
I might not have caught this, but is there anything about ground patrol or reinforced security. I know this is very deep into the aviation field, (as this game is going for a simulation title over the most realism you can get out of a game), but it would be worth it to see more ground operations and security on the apron😮.
I think adding R&D is another step forward to the success :ok_hand: of the game, coming forward like many other management games to a more goal achieving game.
Really looking forward to the update, and the whole team :innocent: deserves a great happy holidays to end 2019 happily :grinning::grinning:.

I am grateful for the next steps you guys are taking in rebuilding the characteristics of employees. That said, please consider in future updates including quality of skill in employees and putting it back in the game if it’s actually removed. The functionality of security lines getting more effiicient with better quality employees is too real to put permanently to rest. The same can be said for PSAs and anyone else. People not interested in working or doing their job shouldn’t last long and people deserve to be compensated or rewarded for their higher quality skill and producible.

I absolutely love this game. I do wish that the game had freight handling operations, along with having a mobile version of this once the game is completed via pc/mac

Freight or cargo have been mentioned many times, but it so most likely going to come out as a DLC once ACEO is In full release.

For adding the game to mobile would be a great challenge also calling out that this game requires a lot of building. It was mentioned in the AMA that they would not like to part the game to mobile.

Here’s the AMA.


Im Excited as olof said the update could be next week

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This is not removed, it’s consolidated. Previously there were four different skills which to most employees made no sense (ramp agents don’t use any social skills, for example), now there’s just one which instead count towards and employee’s productivity. An employee’s productivity is calculated by multiplying their energy, bladder and skill which in the end is used in the efficiency rating for security checkpoints, ramp agent service speed, admin research speed, janitor cleaning speed and more. The more productive an employee is, the faster and better they are.


I remember the trello had a “Aircraft repairs” as a turn around service back in Sept. Am I mistaken? Is that still planned for a future update?

I think that it will be most likely coming with A36 (emergencies and stuff) with repair stands and hangars ( i hope :crossed_fingers:t3:)

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