Dev Blog 141: Stabilizing one and developing the other

It’s Wednesday aaaaaaand… time for the first ever Wendesday dev blog!

Read it and enjoy… :coffee:


I do really love that you keep making the pathfinding better, but im worried about one type of terminal;
A terminal on the 2nd floor and they have to in a tunnel under a taxiway to get there. Would that count as the 3’rd type of algorithm? Cuz I use that all the time when i’m starting up.
Maybe add some, like, links of often used paths? I dunno :stuck_out_tongue:

When I’m reading the devlog, the same dev blog is in the related devblogs menu

As an avid dev blog reader I by NOW know that we need to check for errors like this one in the morning :yum:

where can I find the community’s improved airport database ?

@EG0611 paging you


So no more flights to unknown airports and finally to LAX, JFK or Heathrow!! :star_struck:

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where can I find the community’s improved airport database ?

It is a pre-made database with all airports and their annual passenger and cargo data. It is ready-to-go when developers request it :blush:


It’s already implemented! :wink:


It’s already implemented! :wink:

Well but “the thing” that I wrote on the “the thing” with the “the thing” that I sent to you will be implemented too? :roll_eyes:


The new dev blog day is Wednesday, so we’ll drop a new one then!

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