Dev Blog 127: Continued localization, continued catering and continued multiple floors and terminals

It must be afternoon somewhere…

Enjoy! :slight_smile:


We’ve decided to tackle the most encompassing one first, cleaning, and have made great progress over the last two weeks

Perhaps you mean “catering”?

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Finally! :heart_eyes:

Edit: (For the catering service) After signing a contract, the provider would provide food for our depot. Might i ask, does the depot also needs their own staff (send by the provider like the shop, or we hired them individually like security) or just operate like the fuel tank were?

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Please note that these translations are performed by Google Translate :roll_eyes:
Oh nice, german localization. :thinking:
“Close a stand to service car to stop.” ??? :rofl:
Thanks google. Not for the “translation”, but for the laughter. :crazy_face:

Normally I prefer to play games in english, but testing the localization is a nice idea. Count me in.

And the catering depot will look great at my airport. Can’t wait to lay my hands on it…


Beautiful devblog :smiley:

This seems interesting and I was wondering what would happen if there is no connection in between 2 terminals and PAX spawn on other bus stop.

Maybe PAX can travel in between terminals via buses? It would be handy when transit passengers come in.


With multi-terminals could possibly come terminal transportation? Going with what EG said, perhaps the ability to build those underground terminal trains, or between terminal trains?

ATL and MCO come to mind.

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Oh, if I only knew that you guys will be in Dubrovnik, I would have come to my other home country (yes, I am half Slovak and half Croat), well, maybe we can have a meet-up some other time :wink:.

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Nice devblog ! All these features are exactly what the game is missing at the moment (from my point of view), especially multiple terminals and multiple floors. Can’t wait to have these on the default branch ;).

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I think we do not have to translate every word completely. In Germany, we also use words like “gate” etc. Have a look! :slight_smile:

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Or a system like in Frankfurt with the “skyline” train. :innocent:

English: SkyLine (Frankfurt) - Wikipedia
German: SkyLine – Wikipedia

@Olof @Fredrik @Alexander: Are you guys planning to always make the “catering truck” side of life a secure area?

The reason I ask this is that in real-life most catering facilities are actually 100% landside and catering trucks have to go through security gates before reaching the airside area. I guess this process makes it easier for Airport CEO’s to place the catering facility at a more convenient location without having to worry about how to bring an airside road to the catering facility.

The plan is to make each object more aware of its surrounding. The example represents two different terminals with different bus stops. The passenger will know which flight to go and subsequently which stand that flight departs from. We can also see which security checkpoints the particular stand connects to and the bus stop can then check if it is in the same area. That way we will be able to spawn passengers in the correct terminal.This system will also be able to verify if a certain point is reachable or not. In theory it should lead to much less pathfinding issues since they often relate to an agent trying to go to a non-reachable position. :slight_smile:


Let’s start with moving walkways first, shall we?


Right now inbound good use the public road.
Outbound trucks (to the airplane) are using the service road (airside if you will).

Here is a real world example, where the inbound trucks use the public road
While the outbound trucks to the airplanes are on the secure/airside


Thanks for clarification. I know that the likes of KLM have their catering facility split in two, a dirty area (landside) and a clean area (airside). Most of the catering facilities, however, are completely landside.

In the end it doesn’t matter much from a catering process per se and it is very cool that we will have this feature soon. The reason I bring it up is purely from a gameplay perspective.

With your current design, the player always has to play the Catering facility close to all other airside facilities and cannot build a nice “catering city” in one corner of the map that is completely airside.

Being from The Netherlands, my first thing to check when designing something is Schiphol, hence this version.
Maybe in the future we can improve on this feature and change things around :wink:


Hmm, I see the new parking lot texture, very nice. Actuall, how large is the catering depot at the moment, I understand that it may change later.

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I was hoping that the building was going to be a zoneable building that we designed and set out. In my imagination it would have similar function with landside trucks arriving but it would be up to the player to have security designed and basic freight handling system (conveyer belt with x-ray) to process the income goods before being unloaded at an asset like the baggage bay before being added to trucks by staff for delivery to a plane. I understand that this would be lots of new assets and process but in my mind would set the process for freight later on

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I wonder how ATR, BAE146 will be loaded with catering since they have no room for catering truck to approach.

Also small airplanes will have catering function too?

Yes, there were a few typos and stuff which have been fixed now… thanks for noticing! :slight_smile:

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