Detainment/Fire Department

So I’d been thinking, we check and scan people’s baggage right?
I was thinking about it for a while and I figured that since we’d find it prudent to send people to be questioned in real life, we may be able to do that in game too, I was thinking there would be a security zone where the suspect and security agent would sit and interview. Or, if that would be to hard to code, send them to the city’s off map Police Department.
Next, I think I may have heard this before but planes are gonna have emergencies, fires will happen on planes, maybe in airport terminals too.
I think what I’m trying to ask is if fire stations are planned to happen as well.
I can barely wait to see what comes next and look forward to seeing what happens now.
Cheers. :slight_smile:

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This topic is currently in discussion in this post:

In this post we think it is a great idea! But me believe in current game status, it wasn’s ready to be implemented!!!

I believe at some time in near future some improvement like that would be deployed!


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As @jsfreitas mentioned, these are all ideas that have been previously mentioned and discussed. If you do a quick forum search for terms such as ‘emergency’ ‘police’ ‘fire’ etc. you should find many that you can peruse :slight_smile:

Freeciate the response, I’ll try that!

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