Departure Tax Per Passenger

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Departure Tax Per Passenger


Okay, so I want a fixed price on departing passengers when an aircraft takes off. Say for example, $58.00 for an international passenger, and this feature could also bring connecting flights. They would be charged less as they fly twice through your airport.

Why it should be implemented:

It would bring realism to the game and promote larger passenger aircraft such as the 747 or A380.

How it would be implemented:

In the fees panel, you would be able to change this fee with the slider. The airline then would be charged that number times the number of passengers on board.

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This is already implemented and called the passenger handling fee, which you can set in the fees panel like all the other fees

I don’t really understand what you want and to change and why. As @RubenGass mentioned, every passenger pays (default 15$) when he/she/it leaves or enter the plane.

If you buy a flight ticket, the ticket price contains normally following:

  • single route price which the airline charges for their operation
  • airport taxes from origin airport = departing passengers, default ACEO value $15
  • airport taxes from destination airport = arriving passengers, default ACEO value $15
  • tons of other fees depending on country, airport etc. for example noise fee, tourism fee and whatever

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