Departure/Arrival Only Baggage Bay

One problem I encountered in my play-through is when expanding my airport to have a second baggage bay, creating a belt system that works effectively.

An easy remedy to this would be to have a baggage bay where both sides are for arrivals or departures. That way you could load multiple flights at once and avoid the problem of having to work around baggage belts that can’t cross each other. Additionally, it could jumpstart interesting terminal design aspects.


I think that this is a brilliant idea! It would make having a separate arrivals terminal so much easier and quicker!


separate bays is planned somewhere down the line :slight_smile:


Isn’t this originally what the devs intended? It would be cool to split the baggage bay into departure/arrival only, then when you combine them, they look like the baggage bay now.

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Correct but you cannot divide arrival and departure bags. They both leads to same cargo bay and that’s what we don’t want for some cases. I personally want arrival cargo bay located close to claim areas. Or in future I wanna make a cargo area just for arrival bags and another one for just departure bags with necessary scanners etc…

separate bays is planned somewhere down the line :slight_smile:

Do you think something like this would be implemented too @Jettuh :roll_eyes:

Sure, why not, not sure when tho.
Depending on what the devs want to have prioritized :wink:

Personally I think it will be great to implement a tier system where you start early game with low tech and gradually make thing bigger and more efficient


Yeah I definitely think that separating arriving and departing bays as an option would allow much more efficient and distinct systems for arriving and departing baggage.

What kind of technology upgrades are you thinking @Jettuh ? Sort of like you have to unlock high speed belts/trays etc?

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I would love it if instead of normal tech trees in tycoons that first you have to pass milestones. Say you want high speed belts. You first must send 100k bags through your baggage bays, then you can buy the belt upgrade technology for 1m or 2m or something. This way it gives you something you need to work hard for, and helps get money out of the economy as well.


For now we really just upgrade the existing models to have a unified look across the game.
But my personal vision, and keep in mind that i’m not the boss/dev, would be to go from basic airport to big international airport.

Not talking about having to start in the 20s (tho having time/year based would be cool too), but more like starting regional, expanding into international.
So for a baggage bay that would mean that you start off with just some wooden tables and a small baggage truck that has 1 or 2 carts.
The wooden tables is slow (manual work) and maybe ramp agents actually carrying the 10± bags to the baggage claim area.
Later on you upgrade it to have an actual conveyor belt which speeds up the process but it expensive.
And then you upgrade to high speed conveyor belts to make it more efficient.

same goes for check in:
have a basic model that handles the stuff but later upgrade/add automated check in.

I personally would love to see this with everything, going from cheap/slow stuff to more advanced high tech expensive stuff that will make your aiport better.
At the same time, in my vision that will also be mandatory to have bigger airplanes visit your airport ("Swiftly won’t fly the A320 unless you add a medium gate with Jetbridge, they will fly their B737 to your airport tho if you just have a medium gate with stairs)

Once again, my personal vision :slight_smile:


Early airports (and many in small destinations today) used something referred to as the “shelf system” where what are essentially ramp agents picked up the checked baggage from the check-in area, moved them on handcarts (doesn’t have to be depicted in game) to the plane, and arrivals had their luggage deposited on shelves in a baggage claim area. The only art asset needed would be the baggage shelves (which could tie directly to the plane stands like the claim areas now), and require a 2-4 ramp agents. This might be a way to slightly improve passenger satisfaction and allow the implementation of a basic baggage service before hiring a COO.

If down the line there is a plan for separate offload and loading stations, be very handy to be able to select the amount of ramp staff stationed.

Also an early bag storage area that store bags until the flight is opening up, so you can transfer in from a flight or check in much earlier

You can presently already select the amount of ramp agents stationed at the baggage bays, so I don’t see why that feature wouldn’t be automatically included if we split them up :slight_smile:

The early baggage storage area would be great! (Probably a programming nightmare though)


I believe if you have in the same bagagge bay arrival/departures looks good and seems be more efficient, once you have the unloading followed in the same place to loading.

To rise efficiency I think you have design your airport in the following way:

  1. baggage bay per 2 medium stand.
  2. 2 check in desks per medium stand and just connect them directly with exclusively baggage bay.
  3. like in real life baggage claim is closest to check in area. So you can building your baggage claim area close to check in area. In the baggage bay area close to baggage claim. On this manner I believe you wouldn’t have bottlenecks with baggage.


Just to complement:

A good idea in my opinion will use all facilities you have described above like early storage baggage area to adding for the game cargo fligths.

But to advance in this implementation there are s lot pf improvements should be made firstly in commercial fligths.

This kind of fligth i believe is more adaquetely in a advanced stage of the game!

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