Departing flight runway selection [solved]

hej med jer :slight_smile:

jeg ved at bygge en stor lufthavn… men kan se ud af 2 store landingsbaner er det kun den ene der bruges !
hvordan og hvorledes er det muligt med at få 2 til at fungere ?
hilsen fra Denmark :slight_smile:


hello there :slight_smile:

I know how to build a large airport… but can see out of 2 large runways, only one is used!
how and how is it possible to get 2 to work?
greetings from Denmark :slight_smile:

Hello and welcome back

Check your gameplay settings. There are two options for the runway usage:

  1. select the closest runway
  2. distribute equally


is that answer the help you can…

you write as I know the things is normal as when I pick the runway…

as if you get the options of choice when choosing runways!!
you don’t, so please explain how and how, where to click and choose :wink:

As I am in game, I can take a picture. :slight_smile:

If you have this setting selected, the game always selects the nearest runway. But when you deactivate it, planes will random pick any available runway.


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