Deny Boarding Late Passengers

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Deny Boarding Late Passengers


If passengers are not in the vicinity of the boarding gate by departure date, boarding should close, and passengers be denied boarding.

Why it should be implemented:

Helps ontime departures and is more realistic. Flights do not typically wait for passengers who wander on the other side of the airport for some silly sight seeing or buying McD burgers

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Out of interest, there is an option to not delay flights in the flight planner.
That would basically solve this problem right?

The flight still waits 15mins past std still and will then go. In the default version.

Unless somethings changed in the beta version.

The problem I get is the plane just sits tug hooked up the passenger loading in amber missing a few passengers. it won’t move unless i use the clear stand…with alot of gates this takes alot time.

Its not out of interest imo. There are different reasons to delay a flight or not, I want to delay the flight when its my fault that it isn’t ready to take off, baggage loading for example. When people are too late for the gate, which happens often on big airports(People like to hang out an hour away from their gate) I want to be able to deny them boarding, because its their fault and not mine


Another area where changing the time scale of the game will fix issues. It should not take 1 hour to get across your airport once in the secure zone. Slowing down the game time may fix this issue along with loads more.

I let the game ‘prompt’ me if there’s a late flight. I then investigate, and if it’s my fault, will delay. If it’s a pax that is causing the delay, I deny them boarding and let the flight go. Even if they’re at the gate while all the other pax have boarded, sorry for them.

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This is still something that would be awesome to have :smiley:

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A smart solution for efficient airport operations, a sad story facing many flights, but reality is if you are late your plane will still be on time.

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