Delivery vehicles not taking nearest world entrance

I have quite a big airport, therefore I have multiple fuel depots and A LOT of fuel trucks. I have the depots set up in separate corners to spread them out, both with a near world entrance. The delivery trucks however do not enter and exit through the nearest world entrance, but often seem to enter in one corner, drive to the fuel depot on the other side of the map, deliver fuel, and then driving all the way back. This makes the process of restocking take so long that my fuel depots almost always seem to be empty… Any ideas?

This is by design, an arriving delivery vehicle will always spawn at an entrance tunnel that can reach the airport but it does not always use the “nearest”. From a realism point of view, the supplier might not always supply from the same origin and from a pure ACEO systems point of view it can be quite arbitrary to determine what nearest actually is, both from a road network length perspective but also from a congestion perspective.

One way to solve this however is to ensure that you have exclusive delivery roads, so for example attaching a catering depot to a single road via a single entrance tunnel will guarantee the trucks to always use that road.

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Yeah that is a possibility, however the issue is not catering but fuel and garbage. The fact they are at the airport for so long is very annoying. It can cause a fuel shortage at my airport if all the trucks have to travel the entire width of the map…

For my larger airports I find useful to use the sliders on the depots for at what stage does fuel get delivered once drops to a certain level, or what level does garbage get collected at depending on how full.

If you shorten those settings, allowing for the longer drive from the entrances to airport, you don’t actually spend much more money as for example fuel restocked at 10%, it will continue to fall to 0% whilst the trucks make their way across to the depots. They’ll then fill back up to 100%. So long as you reduce the sliders sufficiently, you should be able to allow for the driving time, without costing much more. Usually you shouldn’t see any duplicate deliveries.

Hope this might help :slight_smile:

Are you able to give them a short cut?

My airport is modelled on London Heathrow Terminal 5
In reality there is a Fuel Farm, underground pipes, and occasional feeder lorry
Therefore all my Service Roads are in Level 0 or Level -1
This then hides the Fuel Depot and Vehicle Depot directly under the taxiway

The Fuel delivery lorry arrives to the West Checkpoint
Runs up the Service Road, then disappears under the taxiway at the end of Terminal 1 (Terminal 5A at LHR)
This Service Road then has a branch off that only the Fuel lorries use, which takes them to the Fuel Farm

Are you able to update your airport for Service Roads in Level 0 or Level -1 ?

I have many service roads on both levels. Its just the distance between entrance and depot that is the problem

Have you tried using the road restrictions?

I have noticed sometimes that the Waste Delivery truck, which has to access Service Roads, then goes for a scenic tour!
Setting the route restrictions solves that one

This is equally useful where there are two or more routes between the same points
The capacity can then be split

I have actually tried that yes, but it would result in the trucks arriving at the checkpoint and instantly turn around…. When they spawn they would already say leaving airport.

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