Delivery trucks can use more delivery sites

My delivery trucks always block the road preventing other vehicles to pass through so maybe you could make delivery trucks go at different delivery points. for example:

make the delivery trucks go to different delivery sites instead of crowding at one site,this could be done with contractor drop off points also.

For me, I’d rather have a single point of entry. Never blocks up on me. BTW, you really don’t need four Construction Material drop-offs. One is sufficient. They’re just taking up valuable real estate.

look at this traffic jam because of the trucks

That is because of the turn onto that side street. Were your Materials Drop-off further down, there would be less chance of the roadblock.

Also, note that all your Materials are going to a single Drop-off, leaving the other three empty. You can eliminate those. Same for the Workers Drop-off. One is sufficient and more efficient.

The main issue here is that the trucks offload materials to a certain delivery site based on distance to the construction object they are delivering material for. Right now the system always selects the nearest delivery site but your issue could most likely be solved if we add a distance interval, so that the delivery site destination is randomized within an acceptable interval.

Or have an IsFull / IsBusy flag, and choose another if true. And if all are full / busy, then wait with sending the truck

The system is already limited to not being able to dispatch too many vehicles, right now we allow two transportation vehicles per transportation structure type (i.e. if you have two bus stops in the world the maximum number of spawnable buses are four). The diversion to a different delivery site is possible but I will have to do some thinking on what is best from a performance perspective.

Honestly, most of the issues here are really caused by the very slim functionality of vehicle simulation and path finding system - something we’re of course also looking to improve in the near future.


Limiting is fine and even choosing the nearest is a good idea. However, if we put some realism into it. For 2 bus stops we may need 60 boxes. 20 boxes can be shipped by each truck and a load site can hold up to 40 boxes.

So in short, each truck will deliver its boxes and if one site is either full or occupied the next truck have to wait, take the next free site. or when no free site is available there are two options. He will deliver later or wait for the site(s) to be freed.

Maybe when a truck is waiting in traffic let the driver search for a new free spot nearby, lets say withing 5 squares.
It would be valid for truck and bus drivers.

I know this is more a work around but it would also be realistic too

Is it just me or does this issue still happen ? The reason I personally places more drop off sites was to make it more realistic as only a certain amount of materials can fit in one area therefore in my head at least if materials were dropped off and not used yet for some reason and the next delivery truck was here it shouldn’t realistically be able to drop off the materials if the place is full.

Sure, it’s not the last one built?

I can’t confirm your described behaviour, not even in my latest restart. Guess I’ll need to send a bug report then …

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