Delay system is unrealistic

The current system where the airport is making decisions about dismissing or delaying an aircraft is unrealistic.

Airlines have to keep their planes on schedule. Boarding gates should close 10-15 minutes before scheduled departure (more for flights from a remote stand). If people are late to the gate the plane just leaves because it has to remain on schedule (as far as possible) .

However if a requested service isn’t provided, particularly refuelling (when it’s introduced de-icing should also be a no-go item) but other services as well, the plane should stay put and you shouldn’t be able to send it away because a plane without enough fuel, or ice on it’s wings, isn’t going anywhere.



The way I’d break it down in terms of delays:

Just leave if:

  • Passengers are late (15 mins before scheduled departure time, more for flights from a remote stand) to the gate.

Cannot leave/forced delay (no-go) items if:

  • Refuelling (if requested) not completed
  • De-icing (if requested) not completed
  • [When implemented] Maintenance (if requested) not completed

Airport has option to dismiss aircraft if:

  • Baggage handling (if requested) not completed
  • Ramp agent Service Round (if requested) not completed (the only mandatory external inspection before departure is the one conducted by the pilot)
  • [When implemented] Catering (if requested) not completed
  • [When implemented] Cleaning (if requested) not completed

Penalties for delays/incomplete turnaround services

  • If passengers are late because check-in opens so late or security queues are so long (but not because they’re in shops/food places or the bathroom) that passengers can’t get to the gate on time there should be a small reduction in passenger (but not airline) satisfaction

  • If a flight is delayed by a no-go item the current ‘penalties’ should apply (reduced airline satisfaction, reduced completion payment)

  • If a flight is delayed by an option item the penalties should be:

  1. If you don’t dismiss the flight and take the delay the same as for no-go items but at a lower rate (eg. a 30 minute causes a smaller drop in airline satisfaction and a smaller reduction in completion payment than if it was a no-go item causing the delay)


  1. If you dismiss the flight before all the requested optional services are completed, the drop in airline satisfaction and the reduced completion payment is a fixed amount for each service (baggage handling/ cleaning/ catering/ service round) that hasn’t been completed.

That fixed amount doesn’t necessarily have to be the same for each service eg. no baggage handing has a bigger penalty than no cleaning etc.


I’d also would say if runway is closed for 20 minutes (In game) aircraft would divert to nearest airport, and you’ll loose money and happiness from airline. :wink::smiley:

Not having a pushback truck available should also be a no-go item.

Scaling down / changing massive numbers of stuff in A-CEO has not been bug reported decently at all. We should have a sprint / competition or something alike, to have everyone strip down their huge airports and start bug-reporting on them massively. Then after a while all stripping down / scaling down or changing airports should be less pain full; like airplanes that keep coming in at a fully locked down airport (as in, all strips closed).

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