Dedicated Save Test Team to Reduce Work of Developers

I think there should be a team of players who help developrs about bugs. I check trello regularly and I saw that some bugs are related with player or design issues.

So in order to make less work for developers I think there should be a decicated team to test saves from Trello. Then this team members will give feedback to devs as “this is player related issue” or “this is an actual bug”

@Fredrik @Olof what do you think?


Do you mean a team, who will check all request with any problems and readdress issues to DevTeam, if it need for resolve?

Beta tests are also used to find improvements/bugs which are related to different kind of players which do it in another way than developers meant to do it. :wink:

It’s not good to say, devs don’t have to care about that issue because that’s player related. :stuck_out_tongue:

Especially if this is done by non-professional laymen testers which may overestimate their own opinion on how to do something.

on a flip side if the testers then see a high number of general players do teh same thing they can report that the tuorial needs to be improved. and also suggest how its improved.

i think this is a good idea

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I agree! I see this as a good method to improve the game.

I recognize I stopped playing this game few months ago because I just thought everything not working was a bug.

Do you mean a team, who will check all request with any problems and readdress issues to DevTeam, if it need for resolve?

What I meant was this;

“ACEO-4554 ⁃ stuck plane” and Fredrik commented as “set the to accept GA and connect runways and stands”. So it is labeled as user error. What in my mind is that instead of devs losing time on creating card, loading save and searching the issue, a member of team could do them and make a short feedback to developers.

All I want is helping devs as much as we can. It should be already hard to code the game, add features, fix bugs, be active on communities and reply bugs with cause of user error by themselves.

I see. Good idea, I think.

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Personally if I were the devs I wouldn’t expose my bug tracker publicly like that. It just invites spam like this.

On a previous forum I was on, we had a “support and bug reports” subforum, where a group of moderators would gatekeep all potential “bugs” to determine if it was a feature or not. And if the moderators really thought it was a bug, (and in ACEO’s case, reproduce it themselves), then it would be filed into the bug tracker by the moderators.