Deadlocked planes

Deadlocked planes at gates… constantly… Nor the send away butting is working. The only thing which sometimes helps is save and quite the game and then totally reload…

What stand menu says? Which service causes airplane to deadlock?

Hi, sorry about the issue. Can you post as screen with the deadlocked stand selected so that we can see if it the plane is waiting for some unfinished service?

Hi Fredrik, all services are done. Only thing left is pushback. Pushback vehicles are already there…
Even sending away with green button isn’t working.

Do you have anything that needs to pass the stand? I know my pushbacks are often waiting on a passing plane wich occupied the path first.

Hi, no, nothing to pass.
Furthermore using the a single way taxiway system to avoid indeed this issues…

Are you sure that you have a departure runway which also has access to it?

I think we can help you more if you show us screenshot of your airport