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Realistically, how am I supposed to delete check-in desks? I have to deactivate them before I can delete them, but there are always flights on them (and can’t deactivate even if the flight is closed). Even if I build my new check in area (automated), I still can’t ever manage to delete all the old desks. Very occasionally I can get one without a flight, but it’s rare.

Am I really supposed to close the whole airport to remove a few check-in desks?

At least with boarding desks, I can reschedule a few flights and close the stand (although I think that’s still broken, why does a stand need to be closed to delete a boarding desk, especially when there are other desks tired to the stand).

Try removing the connection to a baggage bay or just deleting the terminal block. The terminal block deletion idea comes from Jasperwilem

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Yes, unfortunately that has not been solved well, I just have the problem myself. A click on ‘deactivate’ should automatically deactivate the desk after the current flight has been processed.

Unfortunately, I don’t know how to do it with the automated check-in counters (I haven’t explored them yet). In my case, I’m changing small to medium-sized ones. For this purpose, I built another
20 more desks for 12 desks to change and check every few minutes whether a desk that is to be demolished has no more flights in process.
Is a bit like playing catching up in childhood :smiley:

They have no connection to baggage (small checkins that I want to replace), and I still only have one terminal, so haven’t used the terminal tool.

No, I mean deleting the physical terminal block, removing the foundation under it. Then just place the physical terminal clock back and build over it

There are so many things system wise that depend on the check-in and boarding desk connections that those connetions points are indeed hard set. Unfortunately this is one of the game’s most complex systems and something that in life seems easy to do, i.e. just using a different check-in desk, but in the ACEO code base with a lot of (unfortunately) coupled code is very complex.

Disabling some or all of the stands that serve those check-in desks, or disabling the autoplanner for them should free up the load and eventually allow you to shut them of for demolish.

I have noticed that if you have more than one boarding desk/auto gate assigned to a stand, that you can disconnect desks/gates from the stand, until you get to the last one.
With check-in desks, if you turn them off when no flight is allocated to it, then no further flights will be allocated to the desk and you can disconnect them from the baggage bay (if connected) and then move or demolish them.

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I guess part of the problem, is I don’t understand the connection between boarding desks and stands. When you say ‘Disable some or all of the stands that service those check-in desks’, that would be all the stands in the terminal right? These desks themselves do not have connections directly to stands (as far as I can see).

I did eventually get them deleted by adding a whole lot more check in desks, and then then checking every now and again and managing to find desks with no flights assigned.

As told above, next time remove the underlying terminal block. A check-in desk cannot exist without a block under it.

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