De icing problem

For some reason none of the airplanes are using the de icing pad even though I enabled it. They are just ignoring the pad and just drive aways. Does it work only during specific temperature?

De-icing only works at temperatures of 0 degrees and below, because that’s when you would need them.

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De-icing is not available when the temperature of your airport location is never going to be 0°C or lower.
In the fact that you can build de-icing you will have that cases. So you only need to wait until a cold night or winter. :wink:

winter is coming



you’ll get lots of deicing if you pick you airport in very northern or very southern latitudes, ie. Alaska, Russia, Canada, Norway, Sweden, Or very south Chili etc… Happy pickings

In fact every plane will take the de-icing option if you’re far enough north/south. I put one in Antartica…

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