Day/Night Cycle Off and On Button

Okay, so I have read in some topics that people wanted a night/day cycle off and on button, but there was no Feature Voting, so I made this.

Feature request title:
Day/Night Cycle Toggle Button

Why it should be implemented:
To give the players more options into how visuals look in the game

I would love this and def vote for it! But there is no vote button :frowning:

Topic is in “Feature voting meta” instead of “Feature voting”. It needs to be moved before it can be voted for

Hmmmm what does the button on the debug window do then? The one that lets you pick the time of the day? It technically already exists, but maybe thrown into somewhere more obvious for sandbox?

The option in the F10 window will change the actuall time of the day, messing up your flight schedule. :wink:

For example: If you turned the day/night cycle off, and it became 12:00 Midnight. It would still be sunny outside of the terminal because you turned that simulation off.

Okay, I added the vote button now. :smiley:

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