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Hi everyone! Nice to meet you all, I’m new here and I’m from Switzerland.
Sorry, my english is very bad, so i’ll do my best but if you want, you can find the french version below…


Perhaps I missed something with my bagages scanner system. I nevertheless reproduced a system that I found on this forum and it seems quite “reliable”. In all cases, I have never had such a good score in my notes!

Unfortunately, I regularly receive notifications that suspicious baggages are passing through and being loaded on flights… I raised the level of all my security employs, even the runaway staff! I don’t know what to do anymore, I don’t know where the fault could come from…

Does anybody can help me?

Level 0, baggage scanner system - Niveau 0, le système de scanner de bagages

Level 0 - Niveau 0

Bagage scanner device find on this forum - Système de scanner de bagages trouvé sur ce forum

Capture d’écran (5)
Notification - La notification

E-mail - le mail

The scores - les notes

Because I’m a new member, I can’t put more picture. I’ll do it in comment if you need :slight_smile:


J’ai peut-être râté quelque chose avec mon système de scanner de bagages. J’ai pourtant reproduit un système que j’ai trouvé sur ce forum et qui se révèle plutôt “fiable”. En tout cas, je n’ai jamais eut un aussi bon score dans mes notes!

Malheureusement, je reçois régulièrement des notifications comme quoi des bagages suspects arrivent à passer et sont embarqués dans des vols… J’ai augmenté le niveau de tous mes employés de sécurités, même les agents de pistes! Je ne sais plus quoi faire, je ne sais pas d’où peut provenir la faille…

Parce que je suis un nouveau membre, je ne peux pas mettre plus d’images. Je le ferai en commentaire, si besoin :slight_smile:

Pouvez-vous m’aider?

Thanks y’all for your help. Best regards from Switzerland :wink:
Merci à tous. Meilleures salutations depuis la Suisse :wink:

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Hmm, seems extra secure to me… Maybe a bug?

I used this design, found on the forum, not my credit!:

But sometimes, I saw some baggage with magazines, sugar or other things like that be destroyed! So my rank go down and make me think there is a problem… The skill of my security employs are the best :frowning: This is disturbing…

Still can’t tell what’s wrong… Anyone else have a comment? @Olof

Could it be, that small plane PAX still have a risk for luggage incidents?

The problem comes from having multiple scanners. Only need one of each type. Although I love your design it confused the game.

If this is the case, I think it should be that more doesn’t hurt…

Seriously? I had the “basic” scanner design at first, I think like all people here… But I already had the message about dangerous luggage…

But there is one thing that I can’t tell you… I have 2 system like this one, not only 1… Maybe the problem comes from that?

I made just 1 complex of scanning luggage. The result was really much better than before :smiley: !!


I just received a new notification with the same message again…

Do I only have to don’t worry about this?..

Here you are my scanning system:

Maybe the problem come from there’s any security employ at this moment?

Thanks all for your answer :slight_smile:

Sadly if you don’t have security manning the LVL III scanner then you don’t have any real scanners.

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It is simple.

Tier one: Rejected ones to tier 2 scanner chain, approved ones to baggage bay.
Tie 2: Rejected ones to tier 3, approved ones to baggage bay
Tier 3: Rejected ones to destroy, approved ones BACK IN FRONT OF TIER 1 for a new scanning round.

NEVER fails, always 100% security, no dangerous baggage loaded even if there temporarily isn’t a guard manning tier 3 scanner.


Thanks for this explanation!

Why? The baggage has already been rejected in 1 and 2, so the baggage rotates endlessly if the system works correct.

Sorry if I am wrong, I have paused playing since Alpha 31/32 and have forgotten what was my way to solve this.

No, it won’t.

It gets either cleared at the end, or destroyed. Every round it will be picked up by a different tier 2 scanner and after it goes through all of them, it gets passed. Tier 3 scanner makes lot of mistakes.

I’m not 100% certain but I think it also depends on the skill/ability of the security worker on the Tier 3 scanner. Occasional/rare dangerous baggage issues can be due to a tired or poorly skilled security worker at the Tier 3 stage, approving a dangerous bag.

This can be made fail-safe by adding a 2nd (or even a 3rd) Tier 3 scanner. Simply put them in a row, with the failures directing straight out to the destroyer

Tier 1 scanner - Only one is needed, it is automated.
PASS - Proceed to baggage bay
FAIL - Escalated to Tier 2 for further examination
Tier 2 scanner - 5x different types, can be run in a straight line.
PASS (All) - Proceed to baggage bay
FAIL (Any of 5) - Escalated to Tier 3 for further examination
Tier 3 Scanner (1st)…
PASS - proceed to a 2nd Tier 3 scanner
FAIL - proceed to destroyer
Tier 3 Scanner (2nd)…
PASS - proceed to a 3rd Tier 3 scanner (or straight to baggage bay if this is sufficient)
FAIL - proceed to destroyer
(Repeat as many times as you like, usually a second scanner will prevent any human errors going unnoticed, but if you have a large airport and long walking distances from staff rooms, a 3rd scanner can be ideal).

My preference would be, if a scanner is not being manned, then it is paused. The CEO is responsible for ensuring there is enough security staff to keep it manned, otherwise bags miss flights and impact your rating. This is how the real world would work, it would be unthinkable for a scanner to be left running without someone manning it. But, I do understand from a game play prospective why the current system is used to leave the scanner running when there is no one there using it.


Guest That is the better one, let me check it

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