Custom Dificulty

We all know that we can choose the difficulty of the game. But I see that the difficulty doesn’t affect only the money count you get at the beginning, but also how the airlines and PAX view your airport(bad,good,etc).
But how about if we like how much cash we get in the Easy Mode(1000000$)but, I don’t like the fact that all the PAX and airlines view my airport like a godlike place , and set the PAX and airlines view of the Normal Mode(They are more sensitive)


I agree.
At the time of the Gameplay videos, Devs had said that the Difficulty system was in raw stage. What we saw was that even the hardest difficulty gives a hell amount of money.

But the Devs had done a lot of polishing since the videos, and it is highly likely that they have improved the Difficulty system. More factors such as low demands, low airlines (less incomes), low flight frequency, etc. But we do not know for sure. The third video will be recorded on the latest build of ACEO, so that may answer many of our questions.

More factors, more Fun.


I Hope there is a satisfaction-system. We start with a low rated Airport, step by step, build it up, get a star, get better contracts, better shops, better stuff for the airport…


I like the idea, as you play the game more and more, we will find parts that are easier to control than others, so if we can edit the difficulty for each part, it would make the game difficulty suited to each CEO, making it a more enjoyable game for everyone in the long run (Which it will be anyway!)

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After reading many threads I am concerned that people are expecting every little detail to be added. These things take time and I hope that the developers stay focused on the forest and not get bogged down in the trees…

Most of us want the game to be fun and challenging. Personally I don’t want Airport CEO to become my second job! This game has all the elements that I look for in a game so I can come home from work and have fun (but not in a sandbox).

The game difficulty is one thing that is easily influenced (start money, passenger demands, economy, availability of contracts etc.) but game PLAYABILTY is most important in my opinion.

My suggestion (and hope) is that the developers make a fun and challenging game that isn’t too easy or isn’t too hard. Once that gets moving then we can worry about the bin size in security, unaccompanied children passengers, or garbage disposal from the restaurants. Those are all great ideas (among many) however many of us want to ‘just play’ and enjoy watching passengers come and go while we watch planes land and taxi.

Interested to hear if I am alone in my opinion here! Thanks


@azb84 I agree! Many major airports started with small terminals that grew or were replaced by second or third terminals as demand increased and new technology surfaced. I like the idea of building an airport and working on the ‘reward’ system for my hard work!


You are not alone, but take a look at distant worlds. You can automate everthing and you can fly around with a lone ship. Or do everything manually and rule an empire in every detail. Or anything in between.


Yes, i was Confused By seeing the Trailer on steam. A Starting Airport has a 50% Airline Rating - hopefully the Next Step to bigger Airlines Is a Long Long way :slight_smile:

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I couldnt Agree more!

The developers have shown that they are able to stay focused on the important stuff first :slight_smile:
They polish before adding features :smile:

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I actually wonder if one would be able to lose in this game.

To be fair, Game Over is not usually a feature in simulation games. One would actually have to work hard in order to lose on purpose in city-building or management simulation games - and even that’s not guaranteed to happen! But it would be nice … for me at least.

I can imagine having a too low approval rating could count as game over, but i agree that with these types of games the user tends to set their own success and failure conditions:)

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