Custom Airline Livery (turning render into aircraft skin)

Hey all,

I’ve been following the steps to create my own airline and so far it seemingly has worked.

However, with only access to and Gimp 2.XX I am struggling to manipulate images and turn the renders into plane liveries.

Can anyone help?

The ACEO Modding Group is providing MDKs for Gimp…!AnJ6e9c-a76fq4UCjOYiuD2lcFyVOQ?e=rXeX3n

Also the tweak planes can be found there…
I suggest you Gimp instead of

Have in mind that the shadows are converted photoshop effects and on some planes the opacity of those shadows are on 100%, best practice is to reduce to 15-25%

And here some tutorial videos and mod guide i’ve made!AnJ6e9c-a76fsrtG-2AdY-CiVYeIOg?e=pFlQfj

Thanks for the links, i got the livery boilerplates already so i’ll check those guides out and see if i can make it work.

These image tools are so damned annoying at times.

oh! your guides don’t seem to have any voice/sound to them.

With original boilerplate you won’t be happy in gimp…

Nope, i didn’t record sound :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

good job i grabbed the new templates you linked then.

Although i am being stumped by a lack of skill lol.

Theoretically could i take an existing “Skin” and split the layers to edit each layer to suit my needs?

We all started like this… The skill will vome with practice and experience :wink:

Well, if you have access to the original files. From the png is not really possible to extract something…

And yes, theoretically, we would notice if our work is copied :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I was thinking of the layers used in art made digitally, but forgot that the export process sandwiches them together as one.

I would never use copied and edited work as my own work for a public mod.

yeah you need an art in a file that is layered… like our planes…