Current bug status in the game?

Hi all!

Long time no see…

I quit the game 2.5 years ago because it simply had too many bugs for me, too many problems where the game didn’t tell you why this or that didn’t work the way I designed it.

Since the game still appeals to me, I wanted to ask about your experiences, whether anything has changed in terms of bugs since August 2021, whether any errors have been fixed? Or, to say it in another way: whether a new start ends in frustration or not anymore?

Thank you for your assessments!

Welcome back

What specific issues did you had?

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Welcome back
[/quote]Thanks a lot!

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What specific issues did you had?
[/quote]Ouh, a lot of. The last one was this: Problems playing the game? Players ask - players answer - #84 by Manni
I’ve tried it out for some hours today, the bug is still existing. Surely, it is also the old savegame.

It’s been a long time, I don’t remember many bugs. But I still remember that there were always strange phenomena that didn’t make sense and the game didn’t offer any explanation. Check-in desks that were correctly connected to everything but were never ‘found’ by the PAX, problems with zoning across multiple floors, all car parks were quickly full, but the occupants didn’t get out - they were no passengers, pathfinding-problems of staff and passengers with multiple terminals…
These are a few things that I still remember.

I’ve played over 1,000 hours of ACEO, says Steam :wink: In very early EA 2018 and then again in 2021. It’s such a great game. Actually. And I would like to play it again in the final version up to a big major airport.
It’s not that important whether the exact errors I had back then still occur, I’m just interested in the general (hopefully very low) frequency of bugs.

There are still a few minor bugs here or there, but largely, it is down to the player. Sometimes, players like to blame stuff on the game that is of their own doing instead of asking for help. Some of the things it seems like you had an issue with was pathfinding, which still gets some “errors” but usually they resolve themselves after a while.

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Yeah, technically the game is very stable. Most issues are made by players by building complex scenarios because they think the planes and passengers think like in real life. :slight_smile:

There are some hidden tricks to prevent pathfinfing issues like:

  • prevent 3 lane roads
  • prevent too many floor changes for passengers between the current and the next target object
  • same for 180° turns
  • prevent many turns on service roads
  • Also I stopped using terminal zones. I prefer a central check-in and security for all pax. That makes life much easier (no vehicles or staff assignment)
  • for large airports use subways, the rest is useless for the masses of passengers

At the end, ACEO was the first game by the team and a big lesson learned. Many things could still be optimized but may require a full overhaul of the code. So better invest that effort in a future project instead spending another 4 years fixing that spaghetti code and causing new issues.


Ok, thanks for these hints.


[quote=“andyc, post:5, topic:21207”]
Also I stopped using terminal zones. I prefer a central check-in and security for all pax.
[/quote]Do you want to say, that the multi-teminals-update is not working? :wink: Ok, that’s pity.

I started a new airport today, we will see…

Another question, a little OT: where is the savegame folder in Win11?

I believe it works, but there are pathfinding hiccups that are easily avoided by just doing a central check-in and security.

Same place as it always was. C:\Users\[You user]\AppData\Roaming\Apoapsis Studios\Airport CEO\Saves

Its working the same as it always has. Finicky doesn’t mean broken

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With multiple terminals it’s just a lot of micro management of staff and vehicles to make sure both terminals have the required numbers. And that after each expansion.

What should I say?
I’ve started a new airport, hard mode.
Day 2, the first plane arrived.
Next time I’ve played I started the savegame and - surprise, surprise - my bank balance is up to exactly 2.000.000.
Starting older savegames have got the same result.

Pity. That’s really a pity. It’s actually a great game. But it’s unplayable.

What? Can you send screenshots? Never heard of something like that.

Never ever heard of that. It normally starts at 2,000,000 in the first seconds after load up, but then it always updates the value.

But if all you’re going to say is how bad it is the game is not working, then we can’t help you. It doesn’t help anyone to say it like that: it’s up to you whether you play or not, so if you feel you can’t, don’t. We can only help you if its constructive :slightly_smiling_face:

[quote=“Icegoalie30, post:11, topic:21207”]
What? Can you send screenshots?

[quote=“humoresque, post:12, topic:21207”]
It normally starts at 2,000,000 in the first seconds after load up, but then it always updates the value.
[/quote]Thanks for this tip. I’ve played > 1.000 hours (says Steam) and never had this issue. I tested it once again: if the game-speed is stopped, the bank value stays at 2 million, if I set the game-speed on 1 or higher, it needed 30-45 seconds to set the bank balance to the correct value.

[quote=“humoresque, post:12, topic:21207”]
But if all you’re going to say is how bad it is the game is not working, then we can’t help you.
[/quote]I started this thread because I wanted to know if anything had changed for the better because I quit the game in 2021 after ~1,000 hours because of the many bugs.
Nevertheless, I have now started again. And after a short time a bug appears again that makes it pointless to continue playing. I think you understand that I’m not happy then. I didn’t know that it’s possible to work around the bug.

[quote=“humoresque, post:12, topic:21207”]
We can only help you if its constructive
[/quote]Hmm. I described the bug in detail here, I tested various save games beforehand, and I wrote a bug report in the game. I wouldn’t call that ‘destructive’ :wink:

Could you send a screenshot of making the airport in the main menu?

Never seen or heard of this issue before, quite curious what’s going on. Can you drop a bug report when the balance becomes incorrect and let me know the number here? :eyes:

I send a bug report out of the game on Jan-06, the number is MERC-901

Meanwhile I’ve found out something else: if I start AirportCEO and then load a savegame, this phenomenon doesn’t occur.
It only occurs when I reload a savegame from an ongoing game and the game speed is set to ‘pause’.

(I call it now a ‘phenomenon’ :wink:. It’s not really a bug, as we now know thanks to @humoresque, the value becomes correct as soon as I set the game speed to 1)


Those ingame reloads cause weird effects since years. When one isdue gets fixed something new comes up. :confused:

What exactly does this mean? Could you expand a bit? :smiley:

The reload-procedure seems to work different than the load from the main menu.
I remember old bugs (solved ones) where for example a reload for example ignored all modded airlines. :wink:

Allright, I understand, though there should be no difference between reloading from in-game and reloading from the menu as we basically execute the exact same loop of flushing the scene and then just simply run through all the .json files… :thinking: