Currency Format

Currently the currency is formatted in a (I guess) ‘European’ Style, with the currency symbol at the end: 123456$.

I’d suggest, to make it more natural to English Speakers, setting it like this:


as it looks a bit messy at the moment.

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Not sure if it is European, in Dutch its like $ 123.456,-

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Also different currency symbols would be great (£,$,yen etc) unless this is already implemented

i guess it makes more sense if it’s like $123.456,-

The use of . in the U.K. would mean the point it goes from pounds to pence. Comma are used to break up numbers in runs of threes

Here we have €123.456,78 (same with €1.250.000,49).

Wow who knew so many countries use that format. Given that a full stop (.) typically indicates the end of sentence, whilst a comma (,) suggests there is more. €315,065.48 surely makes more sense than €315.065,48?!

Only to americans :stuck_out_tongue:

The comma depicts a remainder, as in a fraction of a number. What does a period have to do with fractions? :slight_smile:

But seriously, That is easy enough to add later on, The currency symobl is just that… a symbol. And the comma or period notation is not too hard to implement either

How dare you - I’m not American I’m from the UK :wink:

Well commas also have little to do with fractions, but I was just thinking logically a period would suggest an end or completion - the full whole number - a comma wound indicate there is more to come as it does in a sentence - it is literally a mechanism to create a break to aid with comprehension.

This is all kinda in jest - we get use to our own systems; it’s understandable.


Also, it happens to be called the Decimal point, not the decimal comma

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The British way is best. (I may be a bit biased)

In all seriousness it would share attention to detail if the Devs could add in an option after the release, but for now it’s fine.


This argument is hilarious!
Surely the best universal way would be this:

£123 456.78
£1 012 086.53

Using spaces can be understood by all!

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but still a dot for the change… :wink:

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Make a fake currency like Sim City etc… Lol

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cant…we’re going for realism :slight_smile:

Well…I’m still British, remember!:wink:

We will start with USD and maybe add the option to set your own later on

Maybe either USD or Euros?

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More importantly how are we using , and . ?!

For now: 100,000.99