Critical Loading bug

Hello, im having a critical bug: i started my airport and i have got a warning saying that there is a bug loading in my airport here is an image:16076155143851046333306059252949|375x500
I was in infinite money and now im in normal cash Mode and i have all locked. Now all my areas are closed and my airport is very bugged. That is a critical bug and i dont think that only happenned to me. Please help! I have another bug in the same airport: i can’t move the camera! another thing:all my staff has ben auto dismissed… Bug report:ACEO38815.
I have tried to reload the airport but the bug stills.
I founded a thing: i can’t move because the camera is outside the airport…

As you see in the image the Game says object must be within world.
Another thing: the hour is at 8:00, the starting hour, the day is at day1 year1 and i have only the mails that you recive when you start a new airport.![16076169923625328040773152200150|666x500] de(upload://zXHrm5hukVx0eRFnstnmG0YeboD.jpeg)
I have opened the console (F9) and i founded that:

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When and with what version did you save this airport?

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Hello @Olof im playing in beta 4.2-0

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