Create secure zone when placing international zone

I find it quite strange that you have to place secure zone first and then the international zone after that. I think that since the secure zone is a prerequisite for the international zone, it should be placed and generated as you’re placing the secure zone, therefore avoiding double work. I know the devs are quite busy at the moment but I think it’s worth a thought.

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Very interesting thought. I even would go one step further: The international zone could simply replace the secured zone, so the secured zone doesn´t even have to be created automatically. But I don´t know if this somehow breaks the gamecode.

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Yeah sure, something Fredrik could fix easily I think.


This might be the fastest I’ve ever seen a developer respond to a Feature Voting with the intent of implementing it. But, I am all with you on this one. :+1:

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Thank you very much for your consideration. Hope Fredrik get’s to work on this ASAP :wink:

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