Crash Report

Does Airport CEO have a crash report somewhere? had my second crash in the experimental branche today, without a cause.

There should be an output log in the game directory.
On the issue report page should be some instructions :slight_smile:

Ah, i did not know that contained crash info, I reported bugs already, so have added that file a few times before.

I wanted to report crashes as well, but I don’t find the log file. I have tried to access the path given in the bug report form,

C:\Programs(x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Airport CEO\Airport CEO_Datafiles\output_log.txt

which does not work because the path is incorrect (did you mean “Airport CEO_Data\Datafiles”?)

And I have tried to search for all text or log files in my Airport CEO directory, but there are only two copies of “use_default.txt” which are four bytes each (containing “TRUE”).

What branch were you on?

Experimental branch.

100% CPU, crashed the game out after saving it (took 10 min to save the game).


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