Couple of questions

I am quite new to this and I keep making mistakes and starting again and hopefully I can keep this current game, ok I am having problems with where my passengers are going, how can I tell the arrivals which way to go as keep going through departures and getting lost ( i am going through tutorial but hasn’t mentioned it so far ) . Secondly does anyone know the path to saved games as restarted so many times there is too many. Thanks


The game follows more the setting of mixing up departures and arrivals as in many European airports and even some in Asia. As all kind of one-way solutions lead into calculation issues or traps. That’s why there are no one-way doors.

As long as you do not play with international zones, you won’t get a great separation. There is alway a passenger sneaking to a toilet which was supposed to be for other passengers.

If you are using the international zones, you can clearly create two independent zones and solve that issue.

Thank you , but anyone know where the saved games are, Thanks

To load them it’s in the load game menu, deleting is in the delete game menu… If you’re wondering about the path, it depends mac or windows. On windows it’s in users\ [your user]\Appdata\roaming\Aopoasis Studios\Airport CEO\saves

Is this explaining of schengen mode in the game just like real life or not?

Except that the newest Schengen member Croatia is not updated in the game, it’s real. If you are in an airport which is within the Schengen area, you don’t go through a separate passport check.

Some airports may check the ID at the check-in or boarding, at others you can walk through to the plane only with a boarding pass.

Oh dear; not another thing I have to add to the tweaks to-do list…


I will try to re-send a new bug report :smiley:
I am wondering why this has not been separated to a json file like the airport list.

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