Could you change the local name?

Hello, I usually play Airport CEO recently.
I recommended this game to my friends, and I heard that they found something strange while playing this game.
Obviously, Dokdo, Korean territory was marked as a place name associated with Japan.

Dokdo has been recognized as the territory of Korea from the past.

Could you correct the name of the area?

And I would like to know if it is possible to translate Korean in game as well.


If you are referring to the map we use ingame, it is a third party plugin and has nothing to do with us. We just load it into the game and have no possibility to correct or change anything. It is not the first time we get contacted about “disputed territories” from both sides of an ongoing dispute and it is simply not something we can act as judge over. Instead we are discussing finding another map which has no country borders but only cities marked out. That would allow us to keep a map ingame without running into these problems. I hope you understand.

Korean is being translated at this moment on our community based translation service:

It is currently 38% done and if you want you can sign up and help. :slight_smile:


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