Cool passenger busses

Bumped into some cool looking busses from the 80’s



Similar transportation is (still?) used with ‘Plane Mates’ on for example Washington Dulles International airport

That is…err… interesting :open_mouth:

As for the one from @Puma, so is that meant to go from one airplane to another?


Look here for some more info :wink:

Here you can also find a scale model of the Ikarus 695 bus. :slight_smile: If you search for the Ikarus 695 bus you can find some other interesting versions.


I love these buses!
Would really like to see them in the game… :smiley:
And to use it IRL, of course :wink:

thanks for sharing that!

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The Plane Mates still seem to be in use on Dulles according to the Wiki page, so if you want to see/use them IRL book a flight to Dulles :wink:

The Ikarus company stopped producing in 2003 and the 695 version was more or less a prototype, found a video on it with a bit of a sad ending. Looks like they all ended up on the scrapyard :frowning:


Ha that’s great, thanks for sharing.

Also, fun to see you link to Shapeways (where I have my full time job)


That looks crazy… it’s unnecessarily efficient. Granted, if you’d have a lot of issues with passengers always running away on the stand and apron then fine otherwise the just look like more expensive buses with all those moving parts (probably why they went out of fashion?).

Cool none the less! :smiley:

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That is very cool. I love the first busses!! I believe that the Plane Mates are unique to Dulles but not sure

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